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19-08-2009, 03:11
Thoughts would be appreciated, I have played this list out a couple times with good result, but I'm curious where people (and more experiences Lizards players) see the problems.

- Focused Rumination, Plaque of Tepok, Battle Standard Bearer
Skink Priest
- Engine of the Gods, Dispel Scroll, Level 2
Skink Priest
- Engine of the Gods, Diadem of Power, Level 2

14 Saurus Warriors (Gor'rok goes here, making them stubborn)
- Spears, Banner, Musician
10 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmisher

9 Chameleon Skinks
14 Temple Guard
- Banner, Musician, Huanchi's Blessed Totem
3 Terradon Riders

Makes it 12 Power Dice plus Free Ones, and 8 Dispel dice without using Diadem.

That's it. Idea is simple, Temple Guard and Spear Saurus are stubborn, and move forward. Generally, an Engine of the Gods is on either side of them providing either ward saves or explosions. Slaan is usually all about Lore of Metal. Skinks are self explanatory, as are Terradon riders, and the chameleons annoy and smash war machines.

Thoughts appreciated, and thanks for your time!

19-08-2009, 03:32
I think I'd drop a unit of Skinks to get 2 more Temple Guard for a full rank bonus and shave a few Chameleon Skins to bump the Saurus to a full 3x6 wide unit. If you have enough extra points from that another Terradon would be nice.

19-08-2009, 03:37
The Slaan in the Temple Guard unit make it a unit 6x3, for a rank bonus of 2, and Gor'rok in the Saurus make it a unit of 5x3 for a rank bonus of 2 also. So, in theory, they start with those ranks.

Thanks for your time!

20-08-2009, 20:37
cupped hands of the old ones is a very good item to give to your slann, so long as you don't have a knack for rolling lots of 1's. I had very funny incident when I was fighting a guy who was using a slann. I was using Archaon, first turn, first spell, the slann miscasts and rolls a double one at which point I comment on the poor fortune of the event, but then, shock horror, the lizard player announces that he has cupped hands of the old ones, at which point I crap myself as I realis archaon is a level 2 wiard. Fortunately for me I pointed out that he still had to roll to see if it worked and to his dismay he rolled a 1 and conceded shortly afterwards,LOL:) but its a good item, we got bored and figured out thait was somewhere in the region of 1in 10,000 chance of that happening so something that bad isn't going to occur that often. The list looks like what I would expect a dual engines + slann to look like, although If you could get another unit of terradons so you can fully march block the opponent or get rid of their war machines quickly, like cannons. Cannons scary for steggadons, very scary:(

Guard of Itza
21-08-2009, 13:06
this list seems cool but I could see it folding under a cavalry army. Once they charge the ancient stegs they just need to kill the priest which is not that hard even with a two up save (four up with most cavalry charges).

Gor'rok is a nice character but you are running on some pretty thin numbers already and a lizardmen special character does not help that. In fact you seem to have invested a lot of points into characters. It seems about 1370 points which is quite risky especially if one miscast ends the magic phase.