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19-08-2009, 07:18
Everyone, the time is soon approacing. As we type, a brand new Chaos Space Marine army is being modelled, converted, and painted in my honour. The details on said force are....sketchy at best, currently. At the moment, the codename is "blue dragon chaos space marines", and so far that about sums it up.

Obviously, blue will feature heavily in their colour scheme, and so will an abundance of dragon iconography, including scales and possibly even a goodly amount of dragon heads and skulls.

What I'm looking for is simply general ideas on names for this renegade chapter, perhaps a bit a background idea, and a general feel. Of course, in the end, it all comes down to me and what I want out of them, and where I want to go with them.

For now, though, I just thought I'd run it by you lot and see if anyone had any fleeting thoughts or ideas in regards to this currently somewhat vague and incomplete idea. Nothing solid or in depth is required, I'm merely looking for a bit of inspiration here from sources that aren't my ownn twisted and momentarily sterile mind. Thanks for reading.

One of the ideas I've been kicking around for a while now for a name is something along the lines of the "Sons of Bassilus". Not that this has much to do with a dragon-related theme, but having something obviously dragon-esque is a little...unsubtle, no? Perhaps the "Dragons of Bassilus" could work?

19-08-2009, 07:45
Why not make them Alpha legion?

19-08-2009, 16:14
Thanks for the suggestion, Shadowphrakt, but the overall look really isn't Alpha Legion. I know, I know, they're masters of disguise and misdirection, but they just won't fit what I'm going for. Not only that, but making up my own distinct background is part of the fun for someone like me, who considers himself a bit of a writer.

I'm just trying to work out just how to do the whole "dragon" thing, combined with coming up with a suitable name(which shouldn't be too hard considering some of the "awesome" names given in the CSM codex...."Warriors of Mayhem", anyone?), and figuring out what they were and why they are what they are now.

I guess it's an entirely personal thing that must be done here, but none the less, if anyone has any ideas at all they'd like to toss around, pull the trigger.

Thanks again for the reply, Shadowphrakt!

19-08-2009, 16:20
why not tie them into a certain Martian Dragon ;)- a reason to be made Ex communicate/renegade!

19-08-2009, 17:42
You know, pookie, that isn't a bad idea at all. The Dragon that sleeps on Mars is actually an awesome idea. The basic idea behind my "blue dragons" is like Thousand Sons meets Salamanders, using electrically oriented weaponry and weird scienceytype contraptions. Perhaps, my renegades have discovered the lie that is the technocracy of Mars, and therefore Terra itself, and as such turned to the power of sleeping gods and the older powers of the Warp....

Good sir, we're on to something here...

19-08-2009, 17:44
Why not have them align with the Dark Mechanicus like the Iron Hands do to the Loyal Mechanicus?

19-08-2009, 18:43
I like that idea alot, Major...

How about: Zircon Drakes

Zircon is often found in blue shades: http://www.tairona.com/Images/blue_zircon_cushion.jpg

I think you could easily work in an encounter with some corrupted minerals (think warpstone in WFB) that has perverted the chapter.

They have learned to make use of this ore in their weapon design and have begun collaborating with the Dark Mechanicus to fully explore its potential.

For the minerals: there could simply be a powerful Daemon Prince imprisoned in a massive lode of zircon. The Prince appears to its followers as a Drake. Using certain incantations, the Prince is able to act through alchemical processes while remaining encased in its prison. The Chapter is thus attempting to find the key to their 'lord's release even as they make use of his power in the creation of certain zircon artefacts.

I think it would be best to keep any link to the Mars Dragon tangential at best. One should not assume the identity of whatever it is that is sleeping on Mars. It is important to note that C'tan are fundamentally anti-psychic... they are NOT powers of the warp. To say that they simply 'discover' the lie is a bit out of order and would require a much larger narrative.

While the Zircon Drake could have knowledge of the 'true nature' of the Mechanicus, it is important that you not start making things up that go entirely contrary to the established universe. By framing the chapter's beliefs in revelations provided by a Chaotic party, you can have this party say just about anything you want... as it is all, in the end, the whispers of a Chaos agent.

Currently, there is little basis for renegades aligned with the C'tan. C'tan are anti-life and anti-psychic. Only if your entire chapter were blanks would they be enlisted by the C'tan. The Lords of Terra would never allow the formation of such a Chapter. Although you could draw up something that had the entire Chapter stripped of its souls while remaining 'alive', aligning with the C'tan would see them consumed into the 'network' and lose all identity.

The great thing about renegades is that they have personality... unbridled, chaotic, violent personality. Necrons and C'tan are emotionless and faceless... and as a result (along with the fluff walls you'd have to bring down) make a poor basis for renegade chapters IMO.

I think having your chapter caught in the middle of a titanic struggle between the C'tan and Chaos is a good place to start. I think it would be best to have them come down on the side of Chaos.

Were you planning on using any 1kSons in the list?


The Good Doctor.

Shas'o Brightsword
19-08-2009, 21:30
how about doom warriors or doom dragons i like doom dragons

20-08-2009, 00:45
Awesome guys, simply awesome....particularly in regards to being affiliated with the Dark Mechanicus! I hadn't even considered that. Zircon Drakes sounds actually...perfrect. I was looking at other names for blue and one that popped out at me was cerulean....Cerulean Drakes could sound cool too. However, Zircon Drakes has that....ring to it, and I really quite dig it.

Dr. Clock, you've given me a lot to consider there, and I'm insanely thankful...I'll look it over and see what I can work with.

Thanks to everyone so far, this has been massively helpful.