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Lord Hurin
19-08-2009, 19:51
At my Local Gaming Store we've just started a Warhammer group. There will be regular battles between members, but emphasis is put on fun and sportsmanship, so I'd like to steer clear of huge Death Stars or cheesy combos.


Adolphus Krieger, Vampire Lord of Sylvania - 400pts
Level 3, Master of the Black Arts, Lord of the Dead, Avatar of Death (shield), Wristbands of Black Gold & Helm of Commandment

Pietr von Carstein - 190pts
Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Cadaverous Cuirass & Book of Arkhan

Rynald of Mormouth - 195pts
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Hauberk & Tomb Blade

Core Units

The Long Dead - 157pts
14 Skeletons with Full Command and War Banner
<Adolphous Krieger goes here>

The Long Dead - 157pts
14 Skeletons with Full Command and Banner of the Dead Legion
<Rynald of Mormouth goes here>

The Corpse-Eaters of Mousillon - 120pts
14 Crypt Ghouls with Ghast
<Pietr von Carstein goes here>

Hounds of Undeath - 96pts
2x 5 Dire Wolves with Doom Wolf

Death Wagon - 100pts
Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone

Special Units

Winged Undeath - 80pts
4 Fell Bats

Dead Knights of Mormouth - 229pts
6 Black Knights with Full Command and Banner of the Barrows

Dead Knights of Mormouth - 219pts
6 Black Knights with Full Command and Royal Standard of Strigos

1943 Points Total

Ok, so there's 57 points left to play around with now. What should I do?

Lord Hurin
20-08-2009, 18:13
Oh come on! nothing?

20-08-2009, 19:59
I think the lack of comments indicate that the list is sound :)

As you have said that the list friendly most people havent posted as most posts are just min/maxing which is pointless in a none competitive list.

The only critique i would give is that in 2k point games your likely to see some big stuff, steamtanks giants ect ect. You lack a very hitty unit that can deal with the threat of killy units.

Ofc they can always be tarpitted but thats boring :o

20-08-2009, 22:53
id say get more black knights since they go with the theme and you can gang charge big stuff and kill it with killing blow. I would drop all unit champions personally but they may be how you guard from challenges. Really its up to you the list is really diverse and looks like it has alot of options on the table. I wish you luck! and btw where does your last hero go?

Lord Hurin
21-08-2009, 00:03
and btw where does your last hero go?

He doesn't. He has the Helm of Command, etc. To be honest though I'm not really sold on my Hero builds.

21-08-2009, 00:48
Well, there are a few nitpicks I'll make.

Firstly, I'd say your Lord needs a bit of work; if you're working to make your Lord a bit killier I'd suggest Infinite Hatred instead of Walking Death, as the damage that the rerolls provide will usually trump the +1 to CR. Walach's is a good buy, but I'd swap Tomb Blade for Blood Drinker for increased durability, and add the Black Periapt for magic.

Secondly, I'd work on your first Hero Thrall. He's not contributing much, so I'd swap him for a Necromancer with Invocation, Vanhel's and the Book. That'll also allow the Corpse Cart to join units, which will buff up your rank bonus. Alternatively, you could swap him for a Wight King with Barded Steed, Shield, Sword of Kings and Gem of Blood, which could ride with your Black Knights and add some more killy power.

Thirdly, I'd replace the Banner of the Endless Nightmare in the Skeletons with the War Banner, as then you'll always get the +1 to CR.

Bat Swarms are generally superfluous, Dire Wolves are nearly always better, and if you're really in need of screening and have points on hand, use Spirit Hosts. That being said, it'd be a good idea to increase one Wolf unit to 7 and add a Doom Wolf, which will allow you to trap an enemy monster for a turn.

You should consider giving the Black Knights the Royal Banner of Strigos; they don't really have enough killing power at this point, and you are in dire need of a good hammer unit.

In this list, I'd swap the Varghulf for a Black Coach, because it has a better chance of breaking an enemy on the charge and since this is a friendly environment you should be able to keep it away from S7+ hits.

Also: your Vampire Lord is level 3, not level 4 as you have him now.

One last thing: your second Vampire should go in the Ghoul unit as a bunker, which would allow you to drop the unit size down to 10 with the champion.

Lord Hurin
23-08-2009, 01:32
Edited the list. Hopefully it's better now.

23-08-2009, 06:20
use all ghouls or all skeletons, dont mix

23-08-2009, 09:18
Looking better, though I'd still drop the first Hero for a Necro to ride the Corpse Cart so that they can both be hidden in units.

With the Ghoulkin not in the list, you would be able to use the Ghouls as a bunker unit for Hero #2.

With the remaining points, you could replace the Bat Swarms with Spirit Hosts as they'll be much more effective screeners.

Lord Hurin
23-08-2009, 09:34
Maybe I don't understand here, but what do you mean by bunker? Just having the Vampire hiding in the Ghouls? With no AS, how are they better at protecting a Hero?

As for the Bats vs Spirits, I already have the models for the Bats.

23-08-2009, 12:57
bunker refers to a unit used to hide a character in, normally cheap but effective for points.

the ghouls in most cases make a better bunker because they are A) cheap and B) have two poisoned attacks each and to that they are T4 which means most things will need a 4+ or worse (basic infantry that is) to wound them. as for the don't mix argument that is a decision totally up to you. there is in my opinion no hard and fast rule for it at all.

i would however suggest with the look of your list drop the bat swarms (I'm not a fan but hey) and the blood knights as without a goal in mid they don't do as much as they should from what I've seen and grab yourself two units of black knights.

and with the lord bunkered get rid of that armor and take the flayed hauberk

Lord Hurin
23-08-2009, 13:36
Ok, so the Lord's bunker is one that just sits behind my lines and avoids combat? Could work... Maybe I'll put him in a unit of 10 Skellies with no command. It'll be better vs. shooting I think.

Are 2 units of Black Knights really better than Blood Knights? They don't seem killy enough really. I may be able to make cheaper Black Knights though, so I'll look into it.

Just one more question, is it worth putting the barding on Black Knights? As far as I could see, it doesn't hamper their Ethereal movement...

23-08-2009, 14:14
it hampers their base movement so yes it does, and black knights might not be killer over all but remember they can pass through solid stuff to get places blood knights can't. plus blood knights are frenzied, so can be led around the board by an experienced player, thus you will have yourself a 360+ point sink.

also note worthy is the fact that black knights have killing blow suprise character killers

bust through some woods yell surprise them cut the head off a mage or some such hiding out .

10 skellies isnt enough the bunker has to represent a bunker in real terms.

bunkers are, big ugly things built to take a pounding.

10 skelletons represent none of those things, if skellies take at least 15 with a champion for accepting challenges.

the champion excepts the challenge so that chaos lord doesnt whack off your lords head, then if you happen to have the tomb blade and cause a wound the champion is back before the next combat to accept again.......

Lord Hurin
23-08-2009, 15:55
Ok, thanks for the info. I'll write up a new list when I get home from work and have the Army Book handy.

Lord Hurin
24-08-2009, 02:06
New list up, traded the Blood Knights for Black Knights and have a few points left. Advice?

Lord Hurin
24-08-2009, 20:49
Hmmm... bump!

Lord Hurin
25-08-2009, 17:52
So I guess I should just give the Black Knights barding and be done with it?

25-08-2009, 21:15
The only thing that worries me about your list is that the units you plan on placing your vampires in are too small and if your opponent has a good combat round you could lose a bunch of troopers due to CR and your Vampire has no protection from shooting or worse case you lose your Vampire to CR I have had this happened and it sucks.

I see you have Lord of the Dead and Summon Ghouls so I can tell you plan on increasing those units during your magic phase but that can be risky if you are not able to do that and believe Me it does happen some time.

As for your characters I would only make some very minor changes

Adolphus Krieger, Vampire Lord of Sylvania - 400pts
Level 3, Master of the Black Arts, Lord of the Dead, Avatar of Death (shield), Wristbands of Black Gold & Helm of Commandment

Your general looks pretty solid, I like the fact He has 6 power dice which is cool that allows your lower level Vampires to use those pool dice.
And the Helm is awesome nothing cooler than have Skellies or ghouls be WS 7 makes them so much harder for your opponent to hit them.

Pietr von Carstein - 190pts
Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls, Cadaverous Cuirass & Book of Arkhan

Since you only have one unit of ghouls I would drop the Ghoulkin power and give this Vampire Infinite Hatred.
It is cool to give those ghouls a pregame march but that power is only good for one use and Infinite Hatred for the same point cost will come in handy every combat round.
Now if all your core was ghouls then I would say march those guys ahead but being only one unit marching ahead makes them vulnerable .

Rynald of Mormouth - 195pts
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Hauberk & Tomb Blade

again only a minor change I switch Dark Acolyte for Infinite Hatred, having him being a level two caster is nice but in a 2000 point game having a level 3 and two level one casters is not too shabby and more often then naught you will still out magic most armies.
And with all Vampires getting ION for free it it almost like your level ones are second level with two spells and with your general having 6 power dice your level ones can share the pool dice.
Plus the Tomb Blade does you no good if you miss and Infinite Hatred will help cut your misses down a bit.

Lord Hurin
26-08-2009, 15:50
I don't know. Since my starting units are small, as you pointed out, so I think I should keep the Dark Acolyte.