View Full Version : 2250pts VC for competative play

bork da basher
19-08-2009, 20:31
want to try this list out. competative enviroment with lots of good players. i don't usually use SC's but i wanted an uber magic lord and mannfred fits the bill for a fraction more than what i'd pay for said lord anyway.

ok so mannfred is about the best mage in the AB and one of the best in the game. love his fluff and his rules are exactly what i want so he's the boss. vamp lvl 2 will sit in a skellie bunker or hide just behind it pending flying/scouting threats, use to bump up numbers and pop his shiny helm now n then. lycni vamp with book of arkhan is a dirty trick i like to pull, zip into terrain and start chucking out zombies and vanhels them into combat. if your lucky can get them into really superb charging positions or at the very least make them a threat to the enemies rear, march block or go after warmachines. very useful vampire and with S7 any chariots better watch out.
3 units of 12 skellies, possible 6 wide but not decided. i could do with 15 in each really but can't comfortably drop the points elsewhere.
6 dogs for BK screening/general fast cav duties.
2 corpsecarts - probably go with twin balefire as standard unless i know im facing dwarfs or brets or something.
18 GG with GW's. good hitty unit will make a nice anchor in my line. probably bunker mannfred here to begin the battle. 6 black knights will accompany the bloodknights down a flank. 5 fell bats, again maybe screen with them or threaten warmachines etc. finally 5 blood knights with flaming attacks, good bye duel hydra DE lists of which there are plenty in my group.

thoughts or room for improvement?

Count Mannfred / barded knightmare / 495

Vampire / dark acolyte, lord of the dead, black periapt, helm of commandment / 190
Vampire / dark acolyte, avatar of death, talisman of lycni, book of arkhan / 195

12 skeletons / standard / 104
12 skeletons / standard / 104
12 skeletons / standard / 104
6 dire wolves / 48
Corpsecart / balefire/unholy loadstone / 100 (not decided which to take yet)
Corpsecart / balefire/unholy loadstone / 100

18 graveguard / standard, great weapons / 246
6 black knights / standard / 160
5 fellbats / 100

5 blood knights / standard, banner of hellfire / 305

3 Bound