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20-08-2009, 02:58

Black orc big boss, heavy armour, BSB, Mork's spirit totem-164
Black orc bib boss, heavy armour, enchanted shield, Bigged's kickin' botts-134
Shaman, level 2, sword of might, staff of badumm-150

20 boys, additional choppa, shields, command, big 'uns, warbanner-295
20 boys, additional choppa, shields, command-190
20 boys, spears, shields, command-170

20 black orcs, shields, command, Nog's banner of butchery-343
boar chariot, extra crew-85
boar chariot, extra crew-85


so my plan is to put grimgor in with the black orcs and march them up at full speed to get them into combat as soon as possible. the bsb goes in with the big 'uns. the other black orc goes in with the 1 choppa boys. and the shaman goes in with the spears. the chariots are there to flank whatever the black orcs charge. ohh, and by the way, everything is in ranks of 7.

what does everyone think?

20-08-2009, 07:17
If it's for 2000 pts, forget that, Grimgor is way to expensive for 2000 pts...

+ you only have 87 models... You could (should) run a couple of Night Gobbos and have a bit of artillery

20-08-2009, 08:30
drop the big'uns upgrade, drop some command on 2 units of boys (or at least champion), and with points saved grab a rock lobba - you have nothing to take out heavy armoured units or monstors. You'll struggle without the amazing rock lobba - I only have one and it's my main reason my greenskins are so dear to me!
I'd take 2 if I could afford another model!
And personally speaking with Grimgor you have almost over 800pts in characters - too much!!! Especially as Grimgor, as tough as he is, is just 1 dude! (though a super bad ass one).
And you lack the units that add some finese to the gameplan - no fast cav, no throw away screens, just 4 (but really nice 4) units of solid boys & Blorcs

Guard of Itza
20-08-2009, 13:45
This list seems cool in CC but will get destroyed by a gun line or magic heavy army. Also if grimgor is avoided a heavy cav force could wreak havoc (bretonians come to mind).

Time of Madness
20-08-2009, 14:13
You've got a good start here actually.

To make this a competitive list I'd do the following.

- Make the shaman a level 1 with 2 dispel scrolls
- Lose the big un upgrade and all the weapon upgrades. Orcs just need shields.
- Bump the orc units up to 24 strong each (one unit for each character)
- Move the warbanner to the black orcs and if you have the points make them 24 strong (6X4)
- Get a unit of big un boar boyz with nogg's banner

If you make those changes you will have a more competitive list (albeit a combat force).
Time of Madness

20-08-2009, 14:13
you should drop the level 2 on the shaman, change it to a goblin, and replace his magic items with the staff of sneaky stealing. 1 caster at 2000 points isn't enough to have a magic phase at 2k, even if that caster is a level 4.

your boy blocks should be us25-30, especially with black orc bosses in there. with just 20, if a unit takes any shooting/magic (particularly the bsb's unit, which is going to be a ranged attack magnet), and then the unit squabbles, your big boss could easily make your unit panic.

your list has no rares. this is a mistake. find 80 points for a pair of pump wagons or two single trolls, or 120 for a pair of wagons and a troll. even just 1 wagon or troll would make your army better

ditch the blorc champ. grimgor doesn't need a champion to take challenges for him. he is the challenge master. you should probably drop 5-6 blorcs too. grimgor + blorcs is 1/3 of your army. you should think about skimping on your other characters because of this... by which i mean using mundane equipment or using less heroes. you can also save points by dropping the biguns for regular orcs, as said above

20-08-2009, 17:15
well, the black orc champion was there because i needed points. And additional choppa one piece orcs are my favorite from the old starter set. so i've redone my list. how does it look now?


Black orc big boss, heavy armour, BSB, Mork's spirit totem-164
Black orc bib boss, heavy armour, enchanted shield, Bigged's kickin' boots-134
Shaman, 2 dispel scrolls-115

20 boys, shields, command-150
20 boys, shields, command-150
20 boys, shields, command-150

20 black orcs, shields, command, warbanner-343
5 boar boys, command, banner of butchery, big 'uns-213
rock lobber, bully-75
2 spear chuckas, bullies-80

Pump wagon-40

dispel dice-5 + 2 scrolls
models-102 + 3 warmachines

Time of Madness
20-08-2009, 18:19
I'd drop all the war machines in favour of 2 boar chariots and spend the rest of the points adding to your units of boyz (they should be at least 24, 25 with a character).
Time of Madness

20-08-2009, 19:27
I HATE spear chuckas! I was so happy as my mate gave me two of them for free - not even assembled - and I put them together. They look fine, are cheap, but every game I have never seen them do anything great. For most of the game you hit on 5's so they never really work out that well. Even as game goes on and units move into short range it's still only 4+. Ditch both spear chuckas for a rock lobba - that peice is just truly amazing! It only fails 1 in 6 for misfire and even them it will be ok 50% of the times when it does. Once your range guessing is tweaked it's a force of destruction!!!
The other issue are the boar boyz - with only a 3+ armour save they are not resiliant so Im not sure if the bannor will help out - but they do present a chance for easy 100vp if lost.
Besides, with speed of boars you should be able to hit flanks so standard might not be needed.
Chariots are always a good bet, but you need at least 2, 1 doesnt cut it (unless your broke like me, and can only afford 1 for the time being!)