View Full Version : How much cheese can you field in 2250pts DE

20-08-2009, 09:40
30 shades 480
GW 60

assassin 160
rune of khaine
cloak of twighlight

master (in shades) 144
armour of darkness
ring of hotek

Dreadlord 545
black dragon
sea dragon cloak
heavy armour
caledors bane

30 warriors 250
full command

master 124 (in warriors)
seal of ghrond

5 executioners 60

5 executioners 60

5 executioners 60

5 harpies

hydra (goes with warriors)

5 dark riders 85

total: 2248 pd:2 dd:3(and ring of hotek)

21-08-2009, 13:06
believe me, it can be much worse

you only have 1 hydra for the obvious one

exchange warriors for 2 blocks of dark riders and give all three units repeater xbows

assasin doesn.t need the cloak, your not going to get it of without any other magic. give him rending stars and save points

instead of the dreadlord on dragon i cwould suggest taking the unkillable elf with a unit of BG with the ASF banner.

give up the executioners, there are more usefull units if you want cheese.

the list is nice and i would play it, but it's defi netly not ultra cheese

Philip Bright
21-08-2009, 18:42
I would use:

- 1 supreme sorceress (lv4, black staff, PoK) on black dragon
- 2 sorceress (lv2,darkstar, dispel scroll, lifetaker)
- 3x10 xbows with shields (sorceress here)
- 2x5 dark riders with xbows
- 2x5 harpies
- 6 CoK (champ with RoH, std.)
- 2 hydras

summons up around 2250pts...