View Full Version : My first 1k empire list

20-08-2009, 15:07
Warrior Priest, heavy armor, shield
96 points

Wizard, level 2

20 swordsmen, full command

9 swordsmen, detachment

10 handgunners, Marksman, Hochland Long rifle

10 archers, Huntsmen (scout)

5 knights

1 cannon

1 Mortar

5 Pistoliers, outrider with repeater pistol

Grand total of 997 points

Anyone got suggestions? Right now I will have no magic items, 4 dispel dice. Warrior Priest will go with the swordsman and the wizard will be with the handgunners. Also do you think this list would be boring to play against? Seeing as I got quite a bit of shooting. Also could swap out the Warrior Priest for a captain who can then take 43 points in magic items.

20-08-2009, 15:26
i think only taking one block of infantry is a risk, depending on how well you run your knights.

every time i've played against an empire army with one block of infantry and lots of shooting, all i had to do was run like hell into one big combat and leave half the guy's army standing there with nothing to shoot at.

20-08-2009, 16:17
well, I sort of want to keep the handgunners, cannon and pistoliers in. So I could drop the archers and the mortar. Put another unit of 20 swordsman down with banner and musician. Add a detachement to that of 7 swordsmen, and dropping the other detachment to 8.

That would result in less shooting. Only would have the handgunners and cannon stationary, while the outriders go run around and marchblock/hunt weak stuff.

20-08-2009, 19:46
I prefer the 2 units of swordsman - makes the actual army more resiliant - 1 unit is too frail
Also no battle has yet to be won by shooting unless your a tree hugging hippie elf so theres no problems with dropping the mortar. Archers are solid but so are handgunners, me personaly...tough choice - I would want both!
But for sure stick with 2 blocks of swordsman, you'll be struggling without them!

20-08-2009, 19:52
yeah, as a vc player i look at this list and drool over how badly i'm going to outnumber your one block in combat and panic everything else when it autobreaks.

my personal opinion is that you can lose the mortar and the huntsmen and buy enough infantry to be able to dictate the main combat (if there is one) to a degree, and you'd still have enough shooting to make your opponent stop and think. i can see wanting to hang onto the scouts, though. and, as suggested, bump up the swords to at least 25.

but i'm only saying this as someone who plays against empire a lot. i've never actually played them myself.

20-08-2009, 21:26
Making them 25, would mean I would have to cut out somewhere else. Its only 1000 points and pushing the mainblocks up higher would mean that the detachements will grow smaller.

Also my opponents up till now usually field big point units against me. Played an 800 point battle that was almost this list, without the huntsmen and handgunners against brettonia. He had 15 longbow archers, a trebuchet, 5 pegasus knights and a hero and level 2 sorceress. I massacred him. I know my other opponent wil be fielding lizardmen, with a stegadon at the least. Thats one of the reasons why I really want the handgunners with hochland long rifle. Too shoot that stupid priest of the engine of the gods.

I will drop the huntsmen and mortar in favor of the 20 man strong swordsmen block with detachment. Although I might swap in the mortar for something else against the lizardmen opponent, he seems to field an awfull lot of skinks.

Will hopefully get some battles in next week saturday, since we are holding a gamenight. Will adopt the list into 2 swordsman blocks and drop the huntsmen and mortar.