View Full Version : Lizardmen 1250

20-08-2009, 15:22

scar vet
charm, ench shield and l. armour 130

skink priest
lvl 2, scroll, rod of the storm 150

skink priest
lvl2, plaque, stone 140

10* skirmishers 70
10* skirmishers 70
12* spearsaurus 144
12* spearsaurus 144

15* TG
standard +champ 268

salamander 75

5* cham. skinks 60

it's for semi comp play and all-comers, though mostly elves probably

praise & critics welcome

Guard of Itza
20-08-2009, 15:47
Temple guard are nice but just not as good without a slann as they are not stubborn or immune to pych. Could have another unit of Saurus and some more salamanders.

20-08-2009, 15:53
I think I would find the points somewhere to give your scar-vet at least a decent weapon ?
you could probaly get a few points by droping the temple guard champ,
since he is not using his weapon allowance or anything.

20-08-2009, 15:57
thought about the weapon for the scar, maybe i'll give him a great weapon.

it's just that he has a kickass save with the hw/shd.

and i don't have much room for a magical one

20-08-2009, 16:10
How about Vennom of the Firefly Frog...
this makes his handweapon poisoned and magical...
and you keep the save (also it's cheep).

20-08-2009, 16:27
nice list, but i agree with the above poster. venon will give you what you need and keep your save.

also, id drop the TG for a unit of cold ones. you have 2 anvils with the saurus blocks, you dont need a 3rd. and for the points the saurus will get you more CR than TG for less points. a cold one unit will give you a tough hammer that you really lack at the moment.