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Death Korp
20-08-2009, 22:51
Hello all,

As you have probably gathered by the title of the thread, I am having ALOT of fun with this list. This is by no means a Tournament list, but if you are looking for a little bit of 'balanced' fun, this list is good.

NOTE: The Chaos Lord build is by no means the best, but it is CRAZY. He hasn't managed to kill himself yet (touch wood) but he has rampaged through units on his lonesome as his retinue was shot to pieces.(he killed an 25 man Orc unit, 2 NG units and a Rock Lobba by himself today!)

Here is the fun list:


*Chaos Lord 'Lord Krakos': 390pts
-Chaos Daemon Sword
-Enchanted Shield
-Bloodcurdling Roar
-Favor of the Gods

Fun and games with this guy. Yeah, he can be killing blown, he can be hit with ignore armour saves stuff, hes not as efficent as a Sorcerer lord and he can kill himself potentially, but the ammount of killiness in one model is UNBELEIVABLE. This guy can take down units on his own. In challanges, he can easily gain max overkill and take down units that way. He is in the Khornate knight unit.

*Festus: 185pts

This guy is added to the Slanneshi Warriors. Regenerating and poisioned attack Warriors are nasty. This guy alone has saved my Chaos Warriors bacon many a time.

*Chaos Sorcerer: 135pts
-2x Dispel Scroll

As a Scroll Caddy, his uses are to, well, use scrolls. To be fair, I don't have alot of magic defense, so if I come up against someone with loads of magic, this guy could well be my saving grace. I like using the lore of fire on this guy, because when you face a regenerating trolls or a :cheese: Grave Guard bunker, you have to laugh.


*19x Chaos Warriors: 369pts
-Full Command
-War Banner

This unit is my favourite. I can't understand why people take them in small units! These guys have been surrounded by enemies before, and have triumphed. With Festus in the unit, a Champ is compulsory tbh, as you'll not want him to be killed in a challange. I am thinking of taking the Banner of Rage instead for more attacks. Is the Banner change worth it?

*21x Chaos Marauders: 156pts
-Light Armour
-Full Command

These guys are a bunker for my Scroll Caddy. They are also handy for charging into CC and getting extra Rank bonuses too. They usually don't see much action though.

*5x Chaos Marauder Horsemen: 96pts
-Light Armour

Great unit, never has let me down. They always die, but they serve their purpose of distracting enemy units, and charging flanks.

*5x Warhounds: 30pts

*5x Warhounds: 30pts

These are for covering my knights. Good at pulling out Fanatics out too.


*5x Chaos Knights: 240pts

As you would expect with a unit of Khorne Knights that carry my 'Uber' Lord around, these guys don't live that often. But they do take alot of pressure off the rest of my army. They are the delivery system for the Lord.

*5x Chaos Knights: 310pts
-Standard Bearer
-Blasted Standard

A fairly common knight setup. Stops them from getting shot, and the more knights the better!


*Spawn: 55pts

Great unit for holding a flank or chasing skirmishers, this guy always does well for me.

So, what do you guys think of this fun list? I have a game with it tommorw, so i'll tell you the results.



21-08-2009, 00:03
I am in love with that lord hahaha it is the epitome of Khorne! seems like a well rounded list I would find a way to get more hounds because... well they are hounds and my hounds hardly survive turn 2 and i use 20. I would give your khorne knight MoN and use the Banner of Rage on them. protect them from shooting and they are still frenzied. I would also drop LA on the cav. 5+ is hardly worth its points you can also drop a marauder from the block so you are still at the 21 man threshold for panic because of the sorc in the unit and it saves a couple more points. I would drop the roar because if he is close enough to use it he will end up charging. then you can get more hounds or even another spawn. and why not drop enchanted sheild for bronze armor of zrakk? still at 0+ save and cant be killing blown? if he is out an about like you say his leadership wont do too much and he is a little be more protected.