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21-08-2009, 01:39
Here is my 500 points list which I will try at the GW store in a few days when I have finished painting it.

Master with great weapon, heavy armor, seadragon cloak, mounted on a cold one chariot = 182 pts

20 warriors with shields, musician and standard bearer = 149 pts

10 warriors with shields and standard bearer = 76 pts

5 dark riders with musician = 92 pts

TOTAL : 499 pts

With this army I have got some numerous and decent troops (warriors), a good number of units to be more flexible and present more targets to the enemy than he can possibly shoot down + a really hard hitting unit (chariot with hero). I chose not to take magic because at this level I don't think I will encounter more than a 1st level caster which is not very dangerous. In the worst case I can try to eliminate him with dark riders.

I only had 2 problems while making this list :

1) Do I take repeater crossbows for the dark riders ? I chose not to because I really wanted to take that extra warrior unit I thought could be more useful than a few deaths from crossbows.
2) This one not nearly as important as the previous : extra warrior for the small unit or standard bearer ? I took the standard bearer to make the unit more capable of fighting on its own.

What do you think about my list ? Should I swap this extra unit for crossbows (armour piercing + 2x shots can be interesting) ? Standard bearer or warrior ? Chicken or egg ?:wtf:

21-08-2009, 14:24
dark riders dont need xbows in small games. drop the 2nd unit of warriors and instead one big unit of 30 with the master in. Take a normal chariot not master mounted. Should do great against all but the cheesiest lists. In this case take my 500pt list

sorceress lvl 2
dark star

sorceress lvl 2

10 xbows

10 xbows

Philip Bright
21-08-2009, 19:09
I would take x-bows on your DR if you use them, but personally I would skip the whole unit for 10 x-bowmen with shields. They are a good unit since they can make counter charge with hw+shield to break flanks for the 20 block. They can also fight fast cavalry in close combat by themselves.

Also the 20 block warriors + chariot can break may heavy infantry units in big games alone if they get a combined charge. These two units will be considered almost to good if used correctly! The chariot will kill the front rank while the warriors will make up for the enemy's numbers and ranks.

To keep the core of the army I would use:
your master on chariot = 182
your warrior block = 149
10 x-bowmen with shields 110pts
5 harpies = 55pts
=> 496pts

simply make an combined charge on the enemy's biggest unit and place the harpies some inches behind them. This will mean that they will be destroyed if the flee!