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10-01-2006, 20:58
Below is the first list i've posted - it's a 2k mixed force...comments welcome :) points total 2K on the dot.

HQ 1 - Wood Elf Highborn, wardancer kindred, blades of loec, amaranthine brooch, annoyance of netlings.

HQ 2 - Wood Elf Noble, alter kindred, great weapon, light armour, bow of loren.

HQ 3 - Lvl 2 spellsinger, 2 x dispel scrolls.

Core 1 - Branchnymph & 11 Dryads.

Core 2 - 15 Glade Guard, banner of the springtide, musician (led by HQ2)

Core 3 - Lords Bowman & 7 Glade Guard scouts.

Core 4 - Horse Master & 5 Glade Riders.

Special 1 - 9 Wardancers (Led by HQ1)

Special 2 - 3 Warhawk Riders.

Rare 1 - Shadow Sentinel & 5 Waywatchers.

Rare 2 - Treeman.

Basic theory is scouts / waywatchers / warhawks / glade riders all hassle flanks whilst glade guard whittle away infantry blocks. dryads and wardancer unit give the hard hitting cc troops whilst treeman adds the extra muscle.



10-01-2006, 22:40
you need more glade guard one unit wont be enough

I would reduce the unit of 15 to 10 and drop the command that way you can fit in at least another unit of 10 archers

Also drop the scouts for regular glad guard - you already have waywatchers you dont need both (remeber scouts lose st4 at close range)

I would drop the highborn down to a noble sure he looks good on paper but he is still t3 with no armour! shooting will detroy his unit quickly and leave him out in vulnerable. For the same points you could almost get an Ancient with netlings -now thats a tough character. However if you do want a Wardancer character make him a noble he isnt as powerful but isnt as much of a points sink

Hope this helps

p.s your alter hero cannot join any units

11-01-2006, 06:33
Your Glade Guard unit badly wants to be Eternal Guard instead. Why use archers as massed troops? Generally, they should stick to standard ten models with a musician, and never a banner (as it gives away extra Victory Points if captured). The Lord's Bowman is usually useless, but he's a must-have if you're hiding a Wizard in the unit to deflect challenges from fighty heroes.

I agree with Catpipe that there's no reason for your Highborn to be so, um, highly born. A Noble is plenty if you just want a hitting boost to your 'dancers.

Glade Riders don't really need a champion... But they must have a musician! You expect those fast cavalry to do a lot of dancing back and forwards, and the bonus to rallying LD after they flee a charge is invaluable.

Incidentally, you might want to watch the 40K terminology - it invariably brings out the Fantasy snob in us all. :p

11-01-2006, 08:08
thanks guys - will tinker with the list tonight...

Incidentally, you might want to watch the 40K terminology - it invariably brings out the Fantasy snob in us all. :p

oops - ignorance on my part - plus a complete lack of understanding what i've said that's fantasy snobbish!! hope i've not broken some unspoken rule? :angel: ;)

11-01-2006, 12:04
Well, characters != "HQ", is about it. :p

...And to be honest, enough of the community plays 40K that the rivalry rarely goes beyond some gentle ribbing. You should see how they treat Yu-Gi-Oh players on Magic: the Gathering boards! :eek:

13-01-2006, 13:53
Firstly, let me point your towards Asrai.org (www.asrai.org), where there are a bunch of woodelves hanging around helping out people like you.

Right: to the list. I think hail of doom arrow would be mcuh better for your alter: he'll get off about the same number of shots as he would with BoL, but all in 1 turn, and they're S4! Then he's free to charge into combat mage/machine hunting at will. If you give him the helm of the hunt as well he's a beast oin combat. He can take on whole units of hevy cavalry by himself.

I agree that your glade guard set up is less than ideal. 20+ or none is my rule of thumb in 2000 points. I'd also give the glade riders a musician, as they are likely to be doing some fleeing (panic etc). If you needed to shave some points, taking out a wardancer wouldn't affect the unit's capability, especially with a highborn in it, and frees up those valuable points.

IMO, there are 4 reasons for taking a woody highborn:

1)To get a dragon
2)To get ld 10
3)To get expensive item/item combos (ryhmers harp, Bow of loern+Arcane bodkins)
4)To make eternal guard core

As far as I can see you higborn does none of those, so I think an ancient or more proibably a spellsinger is better (the wand of wych elm is a ridiculously useful item).
Anyway, see you on Asrai.org