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21-08-2009, 05:00
Hey guys. Just got an incredible deal on a friend's NIB skaven army. Here's what I got. Can you help me make a list, and give me direction on stuff to get next?

100 Clan Rats
90 Plague Rats
4 Rat Ogres + handler dudes
12 Giant Rats

I haven't gotten it all yet, I think he has some plague-censors and some poison globladiers too.

I'm willing to use clan/plague rats as any of the varieties, i.e. slave/clan/plague/gutter-runners, etc...my opponents generally don't care that much, as long as they're the same size and somewhat same weapons, etc.

Any advice on where to go with this? Will the new army-book drastically change the way I play?

Thanks for any help!


21-08-2009, 07:34
wow....206 rats....and the tittle says "some skaven"

21-08-2009, 11:39
Heh, I clicked on this thread thinking it was the one I started. *waves at other newbie*

As for the Skaven...I dunno, buy Gotrek and Felix? ::D: I hear the ratmen are getting a new codex very soon, might want to wait until that comes out. But, I bow before the wisdom of the Skaven players.

21-08-2009, 11:50
thats a good amount of skaven to inherit!!!

Well as has been mentioned the new book is out soon, november I think, so this advice could change soon :)

I would say units of 25 minimum for clanrats and Plague monks (I assume these are what you mean by Plague Rats), this is what I use, as you need the ranks and the numbers, 30 in a unit is viable, but can be difficult to manouver.

Slaves I would say go for units of 20, you are mainly using them as bait/meat sheild (although occasionally they may surprise you) so you don't really need more than 20 in a unit, use a mix of the clanrats and plague monk models in a unit to make them stand out.

I would say a good core is 2-3 units of clanrats, 1 plague monks, 2-3 units of slaves. If you do get glabadiers, I really like them, use units of less than 5 if you want to reduce panic in your army if they run or get destroyed.

I don't tend to use rat ogres/giant rats, so can't really advise on them. But the above should give you a good core for an army, hope that helps :)

21-08-2009, 14:34
Hi Angelust. Congrats for your new army.

As already mentioned, I also recommend that you get the current army book from your friend and then purchase the new army when it is released (November).

21-08-2009, 14:42
just run big units of 40- cant go wrong

21-08-2009, 23:26
100 clan rats is just about right for 2 units of 25 normal ones (Full command or musician and standard, spears not really necessary. And also 2 units of slaves at 20 or 21 man units (21 man units just means they're ever-so-slightly harder to panic)

The plague monks is a wierd number though... but ye units of 25 are normally good there (even though you'll be 10 short for the 4th) Still having 4 units of them would be A) illegal in a 2 clanrat build and B) not worth it, points hole.

Giant rats are good, fast unit of crap basically. More effective than the ogres, just dump all 3 packs in one unit.

Next thing though you'll need to get a general and probably a standard bearer before you can pay properly. Hope that helps.

21-08-2009, 23:49
25-30 strong units of Clanrats is the way to go, increased leadership for one thing and outnumber is your friend with Skaven.

Plague Monks... Depends. If you're fielding a Plague Priest, they're his recommended bunker unit, so 25ish strong, full command. But you can just field the bare minimum to whip out censer bearers... Those guys bring the pain!

Globardiers are fun! You can field small units, they skrimish and chuck bombs that wound easily and give no armour saves. Don't forget Skaven can take pot shots into combat (Life is Cheap: LOVE IT!), and Globardiers are perfect at this.

Anywho... What you want to invest in my friend, is Warlock Engineers and Jezzails. Skaven pew pew at its best!

Oh, and don't overlook slaves with slings! HILARIOUS when you pop 30 shots at a charging large target XD.

22-08-2009, 05:25
Considering you have 100 clanrats....take 2 units of 30 and 2 units of 20 slaves. Same models, so the armoury bits go to the clanrats and the cloth ones go to the slaves.

You have a ton of plague monks. Considering you only really have enough clanrats for 2 units, that limits you to 2 units of plague monks (likely to change with the new book in november). 2 units of 25 with additional handweapons should be good. With those, you can take 2 units of plague censor bearers. At this point, I'd just play with what you have, meaning that you're really far from ideal. But honestly...it's almost September. It'll take you a minimum of a month to get to a decent state of assembly at which point we should have a good idea what's coming out.

Clanrats with handweapons and shields will still be a safe bet. Slaves with just handweapons will still be good. Taking some clanrats with spears will probably be a better choice than now, but certainly shouldn't be worse. Plague monks with 2 hand weapons will still be fine. But you have enough that you could almost do a pestilens army. Just mix in about half with the staffs in case they do something different.

I'd actually hold off on adding the arms to the rat ogres, just in case the warp fire throwers do something special.

22-08-2009, 05:46
I was thinking that I could use the plague monks as slaves if necessary, allowing me

4 units of 25 clan rats
4 units of 21 Slaves

Which seems about the norm in many of the lists I've been seeing.

Also, I was thinking of using the 4 Rat ogre models as Weapon Team conversions, using the gun arm bits and placing the ogre on a cavalry base, and maybe adding a metal tankard on their back with hoses leading to a gun, or something along those lines. Possibly adding some Land Speeder tornado assault cannon bits onto the arm. That way I could add 4 weapon teams onto the clan-rats blocks.

My question though: Are the weapon teams due for an upgrade or revision in the next army book? I hear Rat Ogres will be better next time around, so I'm not sure if I should begin modeling them as ratling guns or whatever. I'd hate to make 4 ratling gun ogres, and then find out that ratling guns got a major nerf, etc.

Lastly, what's the cheapest way to convert a jezzail team? I was thinking of getting cav bases, some Clan Rats, and maybe an Empire Handgunner box or two. I'm not sure if the guns are attached to the arms or not, or if there's a better way to convert Jezzails, as those models are really pricey for how many I'll need!

Thanks for all the help so far guys. I'm considering either going Pestilens or Skryre. I have 3 fun armies I play with now, but no competitive armies. I think I might develop a SAD army for those days I hop into shop and face off against those WAAC armies (which is pretty often, sadly).

Thanks all, keep it coming.