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21-08-2009, 08:45
Hey guys, I tried looking through the Skaven tactica, but it was huge and I think my question is pretty basic.

After looking through the skaven army book, it seems like in a regular list, Skaven only get like 9-10 power dice, and normally only the grey seer can cast spells.

Is there something I'm missing? Why don't engineers start with any spells? What are they supposed to do with their 1 power die? The scrolls and bound spells seem kind of weak and easy to dispel.

Basically: How do you run skaven magic, if at all?

21-08-2009, 08:53
you have to buy warp blades to get to know the warp lightning spell, then some extra gear (read the armory through!).

you can easily field a grey seer on a screaming bell and 3 engineers, adding some bound spells... (warpstorm scroll is a scroll, so take as many as you like!)

I think you can easily get 15 powerdice in a 2000pts game. if you'd want to play like that, that is...

21-08-2009, 09:30
You have a few options when running skaven.

one option is a hoard army. not very magic heavy but will probably still run 1 or 2 engineers for 3 - 6 power dice (need some defence) which can still do a good bit of damage.

another option is magic heavy which is what you are looking at. at 2000pts this would have a grey seer, 2 or 3 engineers and a screaming bell and you have 13 - 15 casting dice. You also have the storm daemon and eye of the horned rat.

I run 2 engineers and a seer on a bell when I am going heavy so thatīs 13 casting (very skaven if i do say so myself) and a bound spell. on top of that I have about 10 - 12 warpstone tokens.

lets say you use the tokens over 5 or 6 turns that is an average of 15 casting dice a turn which can turn into 7D6 strength 5 warplightning (9 dice plus bound spell). you still have 6 dice left over after that for stuff like plauge (best spell ever) and death frenzy.

also on a side note I read somewhere that with 3 dice 13 has a 10% chance of being rolled for irresistable force which is a better percentage on 3 dice than double six.

21-08-2009, 10:41
I see. Are these lists typically considered cheesy?

21-08-2009, 16:10
anything above ten powerdice is considered excessive.

21-08-2009, 16:12
Skaven run a risk of too much cheese. (heh...) Depends on how you build them though. Even 3x Warlock Engies with warpstone tokens/full upgrades can be very nasty when backed up by the rest of a Skyre gunline.

21-08-2009, 20:26
each warlock is able to generate two powerdice and can use three dice to cast warplightning. With stormdaemon which is close to mandatory in a skaven list you can have a lot of lightning spells. In combination with a seer (maybe on bell) you have 10 PD + bound spells which is more then most opponents will appreciate.

21-08-2009, 21:26
How much shooting is considered excessive when using skaven magic? i.e. 10 jezzails and 4 rat guns?

21-08-2009, 21:38
Depends on who you're playing against. Right now? Take 100 ratling guns. They're just an easy target worth 60 pt.

Jezzails are solid, but they kind of fit under "required equipment" for a skaven army. 10 is a pretty normal amount. Beyond that you get towards the excess of 20+ jezzail lists.

21-08-2009, 21:40
My friend runs a list with a Warlord and 3 Warlock Engineers (all pimped up to the max for your Warpstone-fuelled delights). That's 3 castings of Warp-Lightning per turn (ouch...), followed by the Storm Daemon (the bound version of the spell). In other words, a lot of hurt. He also adds in the Eye of the Horned Rat for added PD. This alone is massive pew pew, which can be futher bolstered by adding a Grey Seer (on foot or mounted on a Screaming Bell), or, for very dire magicking (this would be 100% warp cheese), fielding Thanquol and Boneripper (again, on foot or on a Bell).

This considered, 10 jezzails (2 x units of 5) is a common sight in many skaven lists. Excessive? Not really, considering their average BS. I rarely see more than 2 ratling guns in use (they need parent units to deploy), and I *never* see warpfire throwers (the D3 wound flame template is so tantalizing until you read their misfire table... soooooo not worth it). Warp-Lightning Cannons can dish out pain from afar (being able to snipe from behind terrain is priceless), but in turn are also very random warmachines. As such, Skaven shooting is *very* powerful, but also unreliable.

The real ranged Skaven abuse comes from Warp-Lightning, one of the most effective magic missiles (if not *the* most effective, considering *all* of your baseline Skaven wizards can cast it without rolling for it) in WHFB.