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21-08-2009, 08:26
I am not very adept in writing BReps, but I'll try to give a short brief of what went on here. :)
I had a match yesterday vs a combined Empire/Ogres list, where we used some modified ECT rules for the army list (max 9PD/10DD, no duplicate rares, ect).

My list:

Tomb King w/Destroyer Of Eternities & Collar of Shapesh (with skeletons)
Tomb Prince w/Chariot & Flail of Skulls (with chariots)
Liche Priest w/2 x Dispel Scrolls (on Casket)
Hierophant Liche Priest w/Cloak of the Dunes & Hieratic Jar (with archers)

20 x Skeleton Warriors
15 x Skeleton Archers
5 x Light Cav
3 x Chariots w/Mirage Standard
2 x Tomb Swarm
4 x Ushabti
4 x Carrion
2 x Tomb Scorpion
Screaming Skull Catapult w/Skulls of the Foe
Casket of Souls

Their list (from memory):

Ogre Tyrant w/ward save & Tenderizer + Luck Gnoblar
Butcher w/Siege breaker
2 x Empire wizards lvl 2 w/+1 to dispell staff & 1 Dispell Scroll. Both take Light Magic

20 x Empire soldiers w/hw, shield,LA
5 x Pistoliers
10 x Archers
3 x Ogre Bulls
3 x Iron guts
3 x Iron guts
2 x Lead Belchers
9 x Gnoblar Trappers
5 x Empire Knights
1 x Cannon
1 x Steam tank
1 x Gorger

My deployment from my left (I had no hill):
Carrion, Light cav, Archers screening the ushabtis behind them, Warriors, SSC, Casket, Scorpion and Chariots.

Their deployment from my left:
Knights, Ironguts, Leadbelchers, Pistoliers, Cannon & Archers on a hill, Ironguts w/butcher & Tyrant, Bulls, Soldiers W/both wizards and Steam Tank.

They put the trappers in a forest in front of my left flank. I burrowed 1 Scorpion and the Swarm. They win first turn, and opt to go first.

OK/E Turn 1:

Everything they have move forward, except the leadbelchers who stay behind to watch for burrowers. Magic sees Tooth Cracker goe off on the Iron guts w/chars, a Burning gaze gets dispelled, and the other miscasts (nothing happened).
Shooting was lucky for me, he misfired with both his tank and cannon (tank gets 1 wound, cannon could shoot next turn again).

TK Turn 1:
Carrion moves in the way of Guts w/chars and pistoliers. Light Cav moves to left flank to bait & redirect knights. Scorp on the right flank moves forward, same with the prince.
Archers shuffle abit to the right, same with warriors. Ushabties manouver left to meet the threath from knights & ironguts.
Magic: I forget to dispel Tooth Cracker RiP. Prince & chariots gets moved forward. King gets to move abit more, and casts smiting on the archers (goes through). Hiero tries to move the carrion behind enemy lines (twice, used the Jar), but both got dispelled.
The other priest casts smiting on the catapult, gets dispelled. No more DD & scrolls, Casket goes off!! Kills some soldiers, some archers, a Bull, a pistolier and the Cannon crew. With cannon destroyed, archers panic and run off the talble.:)
Swear words & hindsight are heard.

OK/E Turn 2:
Knights charge my light cav. Ironguts w/chars charge the Carrion. Gorger does not show up. Their magic does nothing, i use my scrolls. Shooting kils 2 skeletons and the tank-cannon hits my chariots. Thankfully i have the mirage standard, and i manage my ward save.
Knights kill the light cav, but does not manage to overrun out of the table (Hi2u Ushabties in the flank?). Ogres eat my Carrion, but does not dare to overrun, fearing the king's unit in the flank.

TK Turn 2: Scorpion does not show up. Swarm did, but scattered out of the table (can't belive i miscalculated that placement, Grumble).
Movement sees me shuffling the archers & warriors abit more to get a better position for reciving a charge. Ushabties turn & move to charge the Ironguts (didn't see the knights :( ).
Prince & chariots move to the side of the Steamtank to try magic charge the Soldiers. Scorpion moves in position to magic charge the soldiers (aiming at the wizards in the front rank).
I move my hierophant out of the archer unit and to safety.
Magic: Prince's movement gets dispelled (they would be stupid not to). Scorp move got dispelled. Ushabti's movement spell goes off, Ironguts flee. Rest gets dispelled.
No CC. I forget to dispel Tooth Cracker RiP!

OK/E Turn 3:
Knights Turn and move abit up, but can't see my ushabti. Ironguts Rally. Irongut's w/characters charge my archers. Steam tank charge my chariots. Soldiers turn to face the rest of my army.
Gorger Show up (crap). Magic is uneventful. Steam tank does some wounds, I fail to wound it. We are locked in combat until i get destroyed in Turn 5. He has a single bull charging my Casket.
Ironguts ect kills my archers, tries to overrun but moves only 2". They now face a potential magic charge from my King's unit in my turn. The bull fluffs his attacks, looses combat and flees.

TK Turn 3:
Scorpion decides to show up, and tries to charge the Pistoliers. They flee, and leaves the scorp to face a flank charge from leadbelchers next turn. My other Scorpion charges the soldier unit, aiming for the wizards (who are placed almost next to eachother).
Ushabti turns to face the knights, King & warriors turn to face the Ogre flank. My casket Liche moves away from the casket to get in spellrange of my king's unit.
Magic lets my King's unit charge, Do an attack, and charge the Ushabti into the knights.
I forget to dispel Tooth Cracker RiP....
CC: My ushabti does 7 wounds on the knights, he saves 6 of them. We stay. My Scorp allocate 2 attacks on each of the wizards, and kills them both.
My King's unit wins combat, but he stays on stubbern Ld8.

Ok/E Turn 4:
Leadbelchers charge my left Scorpion. Bull Rally, Pistoliers rally. Ironguts move closer to my ushabti's rear. Gorger Charges the catapult.
Magic uneventful. CC sees his leadbelchers fluff their attacks, I kill one of them, the other flees and get caught. Scorp is too far away now to do something for the rest of the game.
The other scorp kills a few soldiers and stay for another turn. My ushabti win combat, knights flee of the table, and the Ushabtis follow them. The king and the ogres go at it again, they win combat and i take some wounds. They reform.
Gorger kills off the SSC.

TK Turn 4:
Not much to move, Ushabti comes into the table again and moves towards the Ironguts in front of them.
Magic: I heal my warriors to full strenght, get smiting off on the unit, King does 2 wounds on both Butcher & Tyrant with the Destroyer. Try to magic the Ushabti into the Ironguts, but it gets dispelled.
I forget to dispel Tooth Cracker RiP goddamnit!
CC sees me killing his butcher, do another wound on his Tyrant, Tyrant fluffs his attacks agains the King. They loose combat, fails the stubborn 8, and flees 2".. Get's caught and destroyed.

OK/E Turn 5:
Ironguts charges the Ushabti. We kill one model each and stay. Soldiers kills off the scorpion. Tank kills off the Chariots+Prince.
Gorger charges my Hierophant but is 4mm short (puh).

TK Turn 5:
Ushabti and Ironguts are in a stalemate. Magic heals them up to 4 models again. I also heal my warriors.

OK/E Turn 6:
They secure 2 tablequarters. Steam tank turns & fires a cannonshot on my Liche Priest and kills it.
Ushabti wins combat on Ironguts, they flee & get caught.

TK Turn 6:
I heal my Ushabti again and we are done.

End result: A draw with 20 points in my favor. What an intense game, both sides had fun! :D

21-08-2009, 12:53
"They loose combat, fails the stubborn 8, and flees 2".. Get's caught and destroyed."


Nice report and gives me a few things to think about for my OK vs TK game coming up. Thanks :)

21-08-2009, 13:36
Yea, that moment there was pretty abysmal luck on their part. :(

Nice report and gives me a few things to think about for my OK vs TK game coming up. Thanks :)
Thanks! Glad I could help. :)

Some people may miss info on the Trappers. I basically ignored them the whole game, they hung around outside the forest and threw forks & spoons at me. They did a few wounds, but nothing I couldn't manage. They were all alive at the end of the game.

Basically what was left at the end of the game was:

My Warriors
My Tomb King
1 x Scorpion
My Ushabti
1 x Priest (Hierophant)

They had:
Steam tank
Half the Bull unit (1 model)

22-08-2009, 12:07
quite the match.
As for the failed stubborn 8, the butcher had just died right? this ends the toothcracker (you were lucky he didn't get more gutmagic off by the way)