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21-08-2009, 10:52
Hey everyone,

I am entering a tornament in September with my Wood Elves. I havenīt played in a tornament for years so looking to have a bit of fun but not get thrashed. Last torney I went in was I think 05 or 06 (Brisbane GT) where I came third but was out in front on battle results (1st was like 2 points ahead of me). I think four of the rounds I left the opponent with 1 model or less at the end of the game. I ran wood elves then too (2000pts, 1 ancient, no second tree).

Anyway from trawling the forums it appears that dark elves, daemons and vampire counts are tops at the moment. I havenīt played them much recently (apart from dark elves) so I am looking for is advice on what the priority targets are. I figure if I know what to take out first I will stand a better chance as with my manoverability I will then be able to set the pace and combats of the rest of the battle. Any tips on good (or bad) unit match ups would be good as well (e.g. normal treeman Vs bloodthirster bad, unit of glade riders leading the frenzied bloodthirster around by the nose good)

Here is my list. Iīm not looking to change it as I am quite happy with it as is.

(400) 1 Treeman Ancient - Annoyance of Netling, Murder of Spires, Cluster of Radiants
(175) 1 Spellsinger - 2 scrolls, LV2
(175) 1 Spellsinger - deepwood sphere, 1 scroll, LV2
(130) 1 Noble - Battle Standard Bearer: Asyendiīs Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow

(120) 10 archers
(120) 10 archers
(96) 8 dryads
(96) 8 dryads
(129) 5 glade riders - musician

(147) 7 wardancers - musician, champion
(147) 7 wardancers - musician
(243) 7 wild riders - Standard, Champion, Warbanner

(285) 1 Treeman

TOTAL - 2249

maximum of 5 spellsingings per turn

Thanks for your help

21-08-2009, 15:39
2005 called. They want their list back.

21-08-2009, 16:16
1995 called. They want their joke about previous years calling back.

21-08-2009, 16:30
Well, on topic, VC target should be their casters? I'm sure that wasn't much help, but that's what I can think of for them. They either have a very combat-oriented lord or a very heavy magic lord, and they usually don't mix well so I'd try to find out which it is before running into it.

Demons... where to start... they're a very hard army, one of the problems is that they're so flexible that it's almost impossible to know what they're fielding until they actually put their models on the table.

21-08-2009, 18:13
not sure about priority targets for daemons, but i think a WE list could do quite well against them. I would try to keep them at a distance to begin with and shoot at the casters (including horror units) to neutralise the magic. Also be wary of flamers as with no real armour save, they will eat your small units alive.

21-08-2009, 18:32
Not really. Wood Elves have a tough time with Daemons. Lots of terrorbombing flying units. Nothing in your army has a ward save against them. Tons of flaming to do double damage against your tree units.

The story is always the same. Watch out for demon doggies and the casters.

22-08-2009, 00:36
Its an open list torney so Iīll be able to see their list before the battle.

With the VC combat orientated general I am guessing the ancient be able to deal with it?

@ bobtasco why would terrorbombing affect me. most of the army is immune to psychology and that which isnīt is still an elf?

22-08-2009, 05:38
Deamons have a standard combo that reduces your leadership by 5 or so. Elves aren't so great anymore.

Deamons - You must target their special characters - The Masque, the blue scribes, etc. Kill them. One thing I would consider is the couple of abilities within the wood elf list to pick things out. The heralds in the deamon army make things go.

The herald of tzeenth upgrades the ward save to 4+ for horrors, the herald of slanesh gives always strike first, the herald of nurgle gives regen, the herald of khorne give hate or frenzy I forget. If you can snipe the heralds the effectveness of his units go way down.

The hail of doom arrow is great against a lot of things but ignore plague bearers with a harold at a minimum.

You have no answer to the to the obsidian armored bloodthrister. He will either avoid your treeman all together or risk his firestorm blades against them. Sorry. Try and feed him cheaper units and make sure that if he charges you he cannot overrun into a new unit that way he can only kill 2-3 units in the game.

22-08-2009, 07:47
Thanks BrPrometheus. quite helpful. Will make sure of that with the hail of doom arrow.

on the bright side there are no special characters.

I donīt think I have much (even that I could get) that can snipe the heralds. the items I can take which can snipe donīt get rid of armor saves and is usually only S3/4 doing 1 wound. best sniping tactic I think have would be ancient into em or wardancers with killing blow.

I have read a few things about bloodthirsters and yeah I agree I donīt have much of an answer. Best answer I thought was putting the glade riders on thirster duty. put them where he can charge them (frenzy) flee, rally, move around a bit to direct him away from the main battle, take some pot shots, rinse and repeat. They have enough movement to do it and I suppose I just have to make sure that the thirster canīt charge anything else. Failing that hope the ancient survives a turn or two and beat him with combat res or as you said feed him cheap units (glade guard/dryads are cheap.
Wonīt kill him but 129pts negating 500+ odd points I think is well worth it. If he does catch them hopefully he will be out of the game enough not to be much use afterwards.

22-08-2009, 09:48
I assume you are talking about the Bloodthirster having Frenzy. Sorry to tell you this but only the thirster special character has frenzy, the normal ones don't (and the presence of frenzy, lack of flight, and lack of a super build means he isn't all that common, at least from what I've seen).

My most common opponent is VC, although he isn't a tourney player, and the maxim of everything counts in large amounts has always worked for me, lots of impact hits, lots of attacks, lots of dispel dice (I play LM but this should still be good stuff for you). VC can generate Zombies at a prodigious rate but that only works so long as they can make them faster than you can kill them, and skellies aren't much better in combat and more limited on how many can be created (zombies actually became a liability to my friend as a unit of 14 sarus with spears can utterly obliterate a unit in one turn). Slow the magic phase (you probably can't stop it as I've faced VC armies with 13+ power dice) and overwhelm the rest. I would think Dryads would be very good for this.
Once you reach the general the battle is often all but won. Either the general will be a warrior or a wizard, so very good to superb at one and passable at the other. Identify which before you face him and then use the walking tree to squish him either way (If it's the warrior another unit would be nice to add some additional combat resolution). I am sure you know the army starts to literally fall apart when the general dies but you can't fully appreciate it until you see the look on a VC player's face after his general bites it on the second turn, and he knows his plan to raise multiple units of zombies just turned into a desperate race between ion and ld tests.
With so many high ld and itp units in your army fear shouldn't be a big problem, just keep your flanks and rear zombie free as auto break is how VC really win.
The only thing I can think to really focus on, aside from the general, is cairn wraiths with a banshee, but with so many units with magical attacks and your high ld their value/threat should be greatly reduced.

22-08-2009, 10:42
I think you have a good list there - just be aware that a Thorek Dwarf army is going to kick your sh|t in. Although you may not see one of those.

22-08-2009, 15:35
As for the VC lord in combat, if he's mounted he's probably the Red Fury/Dread Lance character that Auto hits with that lance, then gets an additional attack per wound caused.

23-08-2009, 02:36
Bloodthirsters not frenzied. now I am disapointed. for some reason I had thought he was. looks like iīll be hiding in trees instead if need be. but as you said may not be all that common.

@ Loq-Gor thanks for the VC tips. Good to hear from someone who has them as a regular opponent. looks like we will send a tree marching straight foward.

@ Rodman49 - Thanks for the comment on the list. Isnīt Thorek a special character? There are no special characters in the torney so donīt have to worry about that. I see that a Dwarf gunline could be a problem though. Had thought about it though and moving tree cover should hopefully do the trick.

@ Tarian - I take it that auto hitting lance is only on the charge? Do additional attacks also auto hit?

23-08-2009, 20:35
I don't know, I believe there was some discussion on the issue earlier that was, of course, held in the upmost calmness and decorum, and of course reached a reasonable solution that everyone agreed on. :D

23-08-2009, 20:46
As for Daemon targets I would say that they are
1) flyers
2) flamers (they will make a mess out of your large trees)
3) alone characters (if any)
4) fast running things such as slanesh monsters (fiends?)
5) Dogs and large units of horrors (kill small units in cc and ignore the in between ones for now)
6) other stuff