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21-08-2009, 11:53
Hi all,

Have arranged a 3000 points no-holds-barred matchup against a chap from my LGS. He's a nice guy, but his list is going to be horrendous. I am fully expecting to see Teclis and a Star Dragon. With this in mind, I have no qualms taking Thorek and a beastly army ready to take him down.

Any suggestions most welcome! Here's the list:

DWARFS 3000 pts

Thorek Ironbrow – X pts.

Dwarf Lord – 286 pts.
Shieldbearers, GW, MRoSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MRoChallenge, RotFurnace.

Thane – 142 pts.
Shield, RoFury, RoFury, RoCleaving, RoStone.

BSB Thane – 220 pts.
BSB, Strollaz Rune, RoBattle, MRoGrungni.

Runesmith – 147 pts.
Shield, 3 x RoSpellbreaking.

10 Quarrellers – 120 pts.

10 Thunderers – 150 pts.

10 Warriors – 90 pts.

18 Longbeards – 291 pts.
Full Command, Shields, RoBattle, RoStoicism.

18 Hammerers – 289 pts.
Full Command, Shields, RoBattle.

15 Slayers – X pts.

1 Cannon – 130 pts.
RoForging, RoBurning.

1 Bolt Thrower – 105 pts.
Engineer, Flakkson’s Rune of Seeking, RoPenetrating, RoBurning.

1 Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.
Engineer, Flakkson’s Rune of Seeking, RoPenetrating.

1 Organ Gun – X pts.

1 Gyrocopter – X pts.

TOTAL: 3000 pts.
DP: 8 + 3 "Scrolls"

The idea is to ground the Star Dragon with Rune of Wrath and Ruin and shoot the balls off of it with the Bolt Throwers and the Cannon. 9DD may never be used knowing Teclis but at least it's a start. MRoGrungni covers the line as it gets a head start marching up with Strollaz. Combat Thane used to have MRoSwiftness but against HE that's been replaced by another S5 attack. Gyro will steam RBT crews and Swordmasters.


21-08-2009, 23:47
hmmm, this forum seems to have an absence of people who care about dwarfs....

22-08-2009, 00:08
I would try to get more dispel dice in there, 3000 points is alot and I would expect probably 14+ Pd in his army so drop some slayers since normally they get shot up in any case and get yourself another runesmith, preferably with Rune of Balance

22-08-2009, 00:25
Hmm... Some things to consider:
- The Thane BSB needs added protection, and Dwarf Banner Runes can be overpriced for what they do. MRoGromril, then tailor to your convenience (+2xRoIron works too)

- Your dwarf lord lacks a ward save. Against a HE Lord on Star Dragon (who will probably wield the Star Lance), even with MRoSteel, he'll get pummelled on the charge. Make him into a nigh unkillable machine with punch: RoMight, MRoSwiftness (to strike before his dragon), RoStone, RoResistance, MRoSpite (giving you a re-rollable 0+ armour save, and a 4+ ward save).

- Add a Runesmith with MRoBalance to snatch away one of his PD (every single one counts!). Divide the RoSpellbreaking between both of them, bunker them in your unit of Dwarf warriors.

- IMO, Slayers a good idea (amazing tarpit), but 15 will get shot to smithereens at 3k before they can do anything by Bolt Throwers and Magic Missiles. Drop them and reinvest your points.

- Bring out a second Gyrocopter. 2 flying march blockers to pepper them with steam makes any HE player swear and bite his tongue.

- Don't put RoBurning on any of your warmachines if you can go against it. HE have Dragon Armour, effectively negating any flaming attacks. Add a RoReloading to your cannon, and an Engineer if you can muster points. Engineers could also help your Bolt Throwers (BS4 is worth paying the extra points).