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21-08-2009, 13:03
I have been challenged by my local gw staff to make a army which doesnt reek of cheese due to my tendancy to play dual hydra's and shadestars and all other general de cheese fests. however im not going to just lie down and die this is a list i think fits these things:

Grimgor Ironhide 375

staksnak- Night goblin shamen 100
staff of sneaky stealin (removes 1 enemy powerdice and gives to our dipel dice)

greensnuff- Black Orc big boss 136
biggeds kicken boots (+1 attack)
martogs best basha (+1ws +1str +1I)
heavy armour, shield

deadsnuff- Black orc big boss 166
heavy armour shield
armour of gork

Staksnak'sz boyz
20 night goblins 139
3 fantics

Da wolvz- 5 wolf riders 66

da hanger onerz- 20 night goblins 64

Da Ladz- 20 orc boyz 150
full command

Demz black orcz - 30 Black orcs 508
full command
mork spirit totem

20 black orcs 298
full command

22-08-2009, 05:52
First of all, we don't even know how many points you are playing.

In my opinion, Grimgor is the cheesiest thing in an O&G army... so you fail to not run cheese... ;)

22-08-2009, 09:34
I agree that grimgore is cheesy. A lot of/all special characters are pretty cheesy. I guess it might be more permissable if it was a really themed army. You DO have 2 units of black orcs, but you have too many gobbos for Grimgore's liking, he can't stand the cowardly gitz. Maybe just have gobbo war machines(you need em)



22-08-2009, 14:42
playing 50 black orcs is the opposite of cheese, even with grimgor.

black orcs are terribly inefficient points-wise. see, with o&g, your elites aren't very elite, and to base your entire army on such (non)elites is folly. grimgor-takers generally say 20 is a good number for his bodyguard. i personally feel you wouldn't ever need more than 15

on the other hand, if you are taking so many blorcs specifically to give yourself a disadvantage, you are doing it right

if you want advice on your list...
- cut the 30 blorcs, and put grimgor in the 20 blorc block
- add war machines
- add rare selections
- buff orc warrior unit to 24/5
- add a 2nd orc warrior unit (big shield boyz 24/5 or 2*12 double choppa boyz)
- buff night goblin units to 21
- give your bsb the spirit totem instead of the blorcs and put in shield boy unit
- give your blorcs the war banner, banner of butchery, or gork's waaagh!

your list is 2 points over (2002), which there is no good reason for, ever.

22-08-2009, 22:06
Certainly an interesting looking list- no one in their right minds would call it cheesy though. Black orcs are some of the worst "elite" infantry in the whole game and basing an army on them will make for an uphill fight. Good on you if you pull down a win with this against an experienced player.