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21-08-2009, 22:37
Hero. (Gnashrakk)
Sorcerer, mark of nurgle, rod of torment = 150. (magnificant buboes)

Hero. (Korshgarr)
Sorcerer, mark of nurgle, power familiar = 130. (magnificant buboes)

Hero. (Shorkragg)
Sorcerer, mark of nurgle, *2 dispel scrolls = 155. (magnificant buboes)

Core Units.
2*18 warriors of chaos, shields, *2 marks of nurgle, *2 standard bearers = 660. (6*3)

*18 warriors of chaos, shields, mark of nurgle, standard bearer, banner of wrath = 375. (6*3)

2*5 chaos warhounds, poisoned attacks = 90.

Special Units.
3*5 chaos knights, mark of nurgle = 690.

= 2250.

Models 82.
PD 6 + 2 bound spells, DD 5 + 2 dispel scrolls.

22-08-2009, 06:40
nice list likin the plague fluff, put i would drop the poison attacks from the hounds as its mostly a wast of points because they are meant to be meat shields and such

22-08-2009, 10:47
The poison on the warhounds is keeping with the nurgle theme. I will leave it there for theme sake :)

22-08-2009, 13:13
good list, looks a bit like my list atturally, only I have less warriors, and so DOs
only 1 unit of knights and a giant as well as festus

I'd have a look at brining in the dragon ogers for a unit of knights as it allows you to crack the enermy knights with ease being stronger (thanks to great weapons) while you knights take out infantry and monsters