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Brother xavier
10-01-2006, 21:48
I have posted an army list on this forum and it has brought some disagreements about army selection.
I have an undivided general and have been told he cannot join a slaanesh unit yet I cannot find any rule that states this in the hordes of chaos book, starting in the 'the chaos general' section. I have also been told that I cannot have a nurgle minotaur unit unless my general has the mark of nurgle.

I have read the rules several times over and it says that " If your general worships Chaos Undivided then you may mix other marks freely with the following exception - you may only give a Mark to a character if the army also contains a unit or chariot with the same Mark (other than a Spawn of Chaos)."

I have given a Mark of Slaanesh to two sorcerers and have two units with the same Mark, I have given my general no mark so can equip other units with different marks freely so that is why the Minotaurs have the Mark of Nurgle.

The only rule about a character joining a unit is that a Daemonic character can only join a Daemonic unit, a mortal character can only join a mortal unit, and a beast character can only join a beast unit.

There fore I think my army list is legal.

My army list is at:

10-01-2006, 21:59
your general is marked... he is marked undivided...
on page 46 of the HoC book it states:
"The mark affects all models in the unit and only characters bearing the same mark can join the unit/ride in the chariot."

therefore you list is not legal (edit: this is not precisely true... he could ride alone)
whether you "think so" or not...

you will find the appropriate rules concerning minotaurs in their unit entry... on page 57 of the BoC...
in the meantime tho you have been informed correctly... they may have the same mark as the army general...
in this case undivided...

Brother xavier
10-01-2006, 22:04
Ok thank you for telling me exactly where the rules are.