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22-08-2009, 10:38
Basically it seems to me that the top tournament lists at the moment revolve around psychology and magic denial. With the ld-bombs around now, your average elf suddenly becomes very frail, and such some sort of immunity is needed. Additionally, the lack of battle lines tend to see units such as PG bunkers etc fairly useless as their low movement makes them too cumbersome. The abundance of flyers and fastmoving things make it too easy to avoid them.

As such, I think a HE list should look more or less like this:
Prince on Star Dragon - makes him immune to fear and terror. In my opinion magic heavy is out of the question since too many lists among the top ones will ruin your day in an instant.
Big DP unit with Standard of Balance - second hammerunit in addition to the prince, often with a battlebanner BSB. Together these 2 units pack an amazing punch.

If you want additional hitters I suggest a second unit of DP's with Lion Standard. Instead of making one unit of 10 and one of 5 you could split them up into 2x8 or something like that, giving your bsb greater flexibility (deploymentwise).

Apart from this, the support should be fairly easy to work in. 2-3 RBT's with 1-2 Eagles, 2 groups of archers/lsg (spearmen out of the question as they provide nothing useful). Add in a mage caddy and a BSB and it should end up at around 2k.


22-08-2009, 15:22
Agreed on the breakdown. Problem is with most lists looking more like this nowadays, HE have become boring to play.

23-08-2009, 08:30
Yeah, balanced lists tend to require more tactics then the dragon list. Magic heavy is also another way to go. My tournament lists involve phoenix guard, lion chariots, dragon princes, and the oh-so reliable white lions. Balanced lists can do well if you choose deployment well, think one step ahead of the opposition, and roll well, hopefully. I always consider the Castle set up when outnumbered by armies like skaven or orcs. I screwed a WoC player by setting up in a defensive deployment, where my bolt throwers shot on a hill, while my infantry were flank protected by trees. I ended up getting a minor loss because of him grabbing table corners. That's why a unit of 10 spearmen can work as table corner takers.

24-08-2009, 00:54
I don't think a lost like this would do too great against something like VC. Some units that can bog you down will really hamper your plan. With a star dragon and two unit of DPs you are leaving yourself with NO infantry. I think this list wouldn't do that great in a tournament tbh.

24-08-2009, 22:12
I wouldn't say HE have become boring to play. I mean, every army has the one build to take to a Tournament, but that doesn't mean that this is the only build that can work. I think a chrace list could be nasty too....lion chariots are the HE equivalent of a seeker missile.