View Full Version : help with a slaanesh list....

11-01-2006, 00:50
my girlfriend has been bugging me to do a female based army for her for ages....so ive decided to do this.....

bretonian uprising,

a chaos champion whose beauty has won him a place in slaanesh's ranks has caused a bret villages women to turn on the men!

this is what i have so far.......

1 lord on steed of slaanesh
1 damsel on horse
1 damsel on foot
6 knights (brets with female heads)
2 *6 fast cav (wood elves with female heads)
6 mounted daemonettes
1 spawn
2 chariots (pulled by fat bold bretonian men)
1 beast heard (8 gors and 8 ungors-sisters of sigmar hiding behind bretonian men)

need to make 1500.....any suggestions for an armylist? will i need to get anything else? i'm kinda crap at the whole nasty armylist thing, but seeing as she is quite new to warhammer i want her to have a strong list so she doesnt get totally demoralised!

11-01-2006, 01:17
Maybe you could use the Cult of Slaanesh list, I think that gives you access to a nice eclectic mix of powerful champions, weird quasi-daemons, and mortal warriors. Also, it's a free download and hella official.

11-01-2006, 09:56
will look into it! thanks....any other advice, the only thing i will say is no more wizards than 2 its kind of a personal rule for 1500pts