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22-08-2009, 20:02
How would you equip a Chracian Prince on a Griffon?


Armor of Protection, Star Lance, Talisman of Loec

Bow of the Seafarer, Temakador's Gauntlets, Talisman of Loec

22-08-2009, 22:22
Well if I were specifically going for a Chracian theme I would give him a great weapon (modelled as an axe). Some non-Caledorian magic armor (Armor of Protection, like you said, sounds fine). And I can't really think of anything particularly Chracian or non-Chracian about the talismans or enchanted items (although Loec seems like a good choice). I don't consider myself a fluff expert or anything, but a bow or lance doesn't seem very Chracian.

Lord Dan
23-08-2009, 00:44
Give him a great weapon and model a pelt on him. Non-weapon items are really entirely up to you.

23-08-2009, 00:49
Anything without another Province's name in it's fluff or title.

23-08-2009, 07:23
Great weapons are the major weapon of choice in Chrace. I'd model a great Ax and then have heavy armor, great weapon, helm of fortune, vambraces of defense should be viable.

23-08-2009, 08:34
Isn't the Vambraces+Helm combo superfluous as the vambraces carry the reroll saves and add a 4+ ward?

Von Wibble
23-08-2009, 10:20
kardar223 - I agree. If you want the +1 to save then use the mask of the merlord for 15 points less.

Personally I think fluff can be changed with counts as. Why can't the Sword of Hoeth become the Axe of Chrace for example (no, I certainly am not recommending that terrible weapon). Also I'd point out that not all Chracians are white lions, and that Charace is known for hunters - bows tend to be quite effective in this role. In fact, Chrace is home to some of the best archers in Ulthuan.

Therefore imo you can justify any selection of items you like, if you spend a bit of time making sure it fits. The OPs second combo seems OK, though I think talisman of loec needs to go on a character who isn't quite so easy to single out (I personally prefer it on a character on foot with white sword).

24-08-2009, 21:50
How does Vembraces, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor, and a Great Axe sound?

Also, I think I heard you can combine the E. Shield with a Great Weapon and still get the +2 to the save but I'm not sure. Can you use the at the same time?

Lord Dan
25-08-2009, 00:21
Against shooting, yes, you may use the shield. In combat the shield is slung over his shoulder, and thus confers no bonus.

...much in the way that White Lions use their pelts, so I think this is very fluffy. :D

EDIT: It's slung over his shoulder if you use the GW. If you choose to go with a hand weapon you may use the shield.