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Monster Rain
22-08-2009, 21:31
My Revised List! Better?


Tyrant(311)- The Tenderizer, Bullgut, Wyrdstone Necklace, Heavy Armor, Luck Noblar

Butcher(160)- Dispel Scroll

Butcher(185)- Dispel Scroll, Halfling Cookbook


6 Bulls(258)- Light Armor, Hand Weapons and Ironfists

4 Ironguts(202)

4 Ironguts(202)

4 Ironguts(202)

4 Ironguts(202)


3 Leadbelchers(165)

2 Leadbelchers(110)

__________________________________________________ __________

I'm going to be pretty straightforward with this list. I'll shoot with the Leadbelchers and try my best to get beastly charges with my Ogres with lots of S5 Impact Hits, all supported with tons of Gut Magic!

Please cut this list to ribbons if you don't think it would work. I'm pretty inexperienced with playing Fantasy...

22-08-2009, 21:46
Always include bellowers. Don't bother with champions or standards. Go with minimum sized units. I'd split everything up. Go with 2 units of 2 leadbelchers, 2 units of 4 ironguts with bellowers and 4 units of 3 bulls with bellowers. Find a way to spend the points on the 2 bulls that you should take out and call it good.

Monster Rain
23-08-2009, 02:09
So I shouldn't try to maximize my Impact Hits then?

23-08-2009, 02:19
Impact hits are tough to pull off since you have to start at least 6 inches away. Good opponents won't let this happen often. I think of it as an extra as opposed to something I plan for. But that is just me, you should play what you want to.

Though would go with more Ironguts than Bulls. Str 6 is critical since your WS is low and against almost everyone you will be hitting on 4's. You need to make those hits count and Str 6 will help that. Ogres have very little combat res so they need all the wounds they can muster.

Monster Rain
23-08-2009, 02:32
Should I really go with small units though? The Leadership of these units is pretty low... I was thinking of going with units of at least 5 so that I'd have to lose two models before I had to take a test.

23-08-2009, 04:26
If you lose a combat then you take a break test regardless of how many models you have left. Because of the size of the bases you won't usually be able to get more than 3 or 4 ogres into combat. You want every model in the unit to be engaged to make the most of your unit and if you lose combat you want to lose as few points as possible. Standards and champions are way too expensive. Standards = victory points for your opponent and if you play ogres the way that they should be played (with lots of small units) then that's way too many extra victory points for your opponent to have the chance of getting. Bellowers are cheap enough and beneficial enough that it's worth taking them. Since you'll probably be doing a lot of baiting and fleeing they'll come in double handy when you need to rally a lot.

23-08-2009, 14:26
There's some pretty sound advice on playing Ogres on Avian's Ogre Kingdom's Tactica (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/subpage.php?s=index_ogre_tactics).

I have very rarely managed to get a Bull Charge with my ogres, so just view it as a nice bonus if I manage it. As long as you can still get the charge you can hope for doing enough damage with attacks to stop the enemy fighting back. Esaier said than done with WS3 and my terrible dice rolls though. :D

When it comes to command models, I take bellowers in Bulls and Leadbelchers as those are my bait/flanking units. Standards go in the Ironguts and have lookout Gnoblars to try and keep Butchers safe from cannons and the like. No need for champions, as even Butchers are capable enough fighters to take the challenge themselves. One Irongut unit generally gets a Warbanner because it's cheap and cheerful, nothing more expensive than that.

Combining charges with Bulls/Leadies going in the flank, with Ironguts engaging the front will give you a standard and musician in the combat, a flank charge bonus, possibly stripping ranks depending on how many Bulls/Leadies made it into combat.

Having said all that, I also use an (overpriced) Maneater unit as a bodyguard for a Tyrant with item selection that would make Warseer cry. There's only so far I can go with optimising a list before the thought of a cool conversion gets in the way (I WYSIWYG all my magic items...). I'm sure I'd change things if I was playing in tournaments, but that seems unlikely so I just take the stuff I want.

13-08-2010, 21:39
i take smaller (2 or 3) units of leadbelchers, and then units of 4-6 bulls/ironguts, so u get gd impact hits, and monstrous infan. now fight with 3 attacks in two ranks, so rank em up in 3's to get a rank bonus, plus the 1st rank get stomp

14-08-2010, 00:01
i take smaller (2 or 3) units of leadbelchers, and then units of 4-6 bulls/ironguts, so u get gd impact hits, and monstrous infan. Now fight with 3 attacks in two ranks, so rank em up in 3's to get a rank bonus, plus the 1st rank get stomp


immortal git
14-08-2010, 00:14
4 ironguts is 192 not 202, ide try to squeeze the slaughtermaster in but thqats just me

also you lack a bsb, 7 ironguts with banner and a musician banner of dicapline and the bsb, so good, and the other 7 with banner and musician with your tyrant, or six and get the butchers in their, six is a good number in my experience

immortal git
14-08-2010, 00:44
catferret im interested to hear your maneater combo.....