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22-08-2009, 22:55
First list. I tend to play with people who are competitive, but play with a range of armies (TK, BM, DE, Bretonnia, WE, WoC, etc)

Seer - Bell, Warpstone Amulet, Power Stone
Engineer - Upgrades, Eye of HR, Death Globes
Engineer - Upgrades, 2x scrolls
Engineer - Upgrades, scroll, Storm Daemon

Clan Rats x25 - FC, Ratling Gun
Clan Rats x25 - FC, Ratling Gun
Slaves x21 - (Using Chaos marauder models as slaves)
Slaves x20 - (Using Chaos marauder models as slaves)
Globadiers x2
Globadiers x2
Night Runners x5
Night Runners x5

Plague Monks x20 - 2HW
Plague Monks x20 - 2HW
Jezzails x6
Gutter Runner x6 - Tunneling, Poison Weapons

Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon

2249 pts
Roughly 12-13 PD base, more with warpstones and bound
7 DD, 3 scrolls

I figure the magic may be overload, however my gaming groups usually bring decent magic defense to the game, with at least 2-4 scrolls.

How does the list look? I figure 6 combat blocks would be okay generally, with lots of shooting and magic to back it up?

26-08-2009, 22:53
here's some advice from an experienced skaven player.
drop death globes. they're not good what so ever.
take a warlord for LD10. it's really good. give him warpstone amulet and the charm so he doesn't kill himself. and the weeping blade.
either make it one big unit of globadeirs or don't take them. no matter which way, if one dies they're running.
drop the ratling guns and and add 6 more jezzails.
you have too many monks. drop some to get more clanrats. you should have 3-4 units on the board with an equal number of slave units.

everything else looks goood.

27-08-2009, 10:16
Okay, I like this list very nice & good selection of troops.

First off, your engineer with death globes swap his eye of the horned rat for a warpscroll & give the eye to the Seer. Keep the death globes...they're brilliant I never leave home without them!

I'd put your Globadiers into one unit, they're more satisfying that way when you lob a volley of globes. Maybe use them to protect(ish) your WLCs.

I'd also make one of the following changes:
1) Consildate your monks into one large unit give them command & banner of burning hatred
2) Drop one unit of monks for clanrats & give them a warpfire thrower.

27-08-2009, 18:42
no warpfire thrower. if you have to take a weapons team, take a ratling, they're so much better and fewer points.

28-08-2009, 10:10
firstly FYI you have 13 or 15 power dice with 3 engineers and a seer on a bell.

I agree keep the death globes. I never leave home without them. put the eye on the seer. he needs it more.
drop the power stone on the seer and take warpstone tokens. donŽt be so unskaven like (joke). any spare points you have as well plug into warpstone tokens.

IŽd drop the night runners. all they tend to do for me is run.
I like the globadiers even if it is just to do the cheesy see two of their deployments before you do anything.

iŽd drop the plauge monks alltogether and turn them into clanrats and slaves but thats just me. massed rats for the killing. if you want them bump them to 25 and full command (so maybe still drop one unt).
give the gutter runners a champion. 13 attacks total, how can you go wrong.

if you go for a third weapons team iŽd go for the warpfire thrower over a third ratling gun. gives you more diversity.

apart from that I like small units of giant rats (12 - 18) for flanking and getting rid of nasty flankers. IŽd personally drop an engineer simply cause it means you have 13 power dice total (very skaven). gives you more points to play with. turn it into rat units or as I like to do sometimes is a nice fighty plauge priest with the bands of power. battle standard can even do it (just not as well).

01-09-2009, 05:07
Thanks for the input guys.

I got a couple games in, and I've noticed

The globadiers x2 is great! Super expendible, have claimed a table quarter each game, and saved a unit from being charge by forcing an enemy hammer unit to either charge the PWG or sit there for a turn.

Also, night runners were great as well. They destroyed some skink blow pipers, but also harassed and hampered some saurus blocks. They did exactly what I expected them to. I'm actually very sad to see them become RnF next edition...

06-09-2009, 18:12
globadeirs aren't unit strength 5. they can't capture table corners.