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23-08-2009, 09:28
so i picked up the book and i wanted to know how you felt about chaos marauders.

i'd like to know how you kit them out, how their role is upon the battlefield and what you achieve mostly with them.

would you?

-use units of 10 with mok and grt weapons and hurl them at the foe in waves
-use units of 20 for static combat res
-use units of 18 so you can field em 6 wide
-banner and musci or not?
-what kind of foes do you attack

the point is that i'm writing a 750 pts list and wondered if i should take em???

23-08-2009, 11:14
I see two uses for marauders.

Firstly in large blocks (25+) with a standard and a musician, possibly a champion as well. 170 points with LA and shields. These form a cheap but reasonably strong line and add bulk to the army. Dont bother running them over 5 wide as they lack the damage potential to be worth it. They can stand up to most other core units well enough but their job isnt really to break anything, just to pin enemy units for a flank charge

Secondly in 10 man units with flails or great weapons. This unit would be used to flank charge, protect your own flanks or act as a sacraficial unit.
MoK is nice but with a unit like this you want to be able to control them as much as possible.

if you are running a non fluffy (or slaneesh based) army then the MoS is the best option as its cheap and means that they will hang around a lot more often.

23-08-2009, 18:05
I use them for ablative wounds for my sorcerer lord. They're the only infantry in the chaos list worth taking considering how much everything else pales compared to chaos knights.

Marauders are nice and cheap for what they do though. I form up 21 marauders around my palanquin riding sorc lord and just march forward. It stops people from annoying my sorcerer and usually their bigger and better stuff is kept busy by my even bigger and better stuff.

Sometimes I use a warshrine or two to guard the marauder's flanks from fast cav and skirmishers. If the chaos knights, dragon ogres and other fast stuff don't need the buff's, I'll buff the marauders with them. They become surprisingly strong when double buffed by warshrines.

23-08-2009, 19:17
As others have said either with light armour and shields as caster bunkers or as small hitty units usually with flails. The armies I play against usually has to much shooting/casting so the small units still has to reach their targets but at least they soak up damage for a turn or two.

23-08-2009, 20:02
Haven't gotten to field them yet - they're waiting to be assembled still - but I've had this same problem after getting them as part of the batallion box. I can only really see two options for them:

- Big block with as high a save as possible, working as not-so-mobile ranks & bunker. Full command.
- Small units with flails or GWs, to add some wounds from a flank. No command.

First option is the one I'm going with - I don't really care if they never see actual combat, as long as they keep the caster safe.

The smaller units were what I first thought about, but with mobile hammers in the form of knights, I felt they would never reach any useful location in time, and would be too vulnerable to anything with a ranged weapon glancing their way.

23-08-2009, 21:26
I have to say marrauders do work very nicely as a mage bunker, I'm currently running one of 24 with musician and standard and mark of nurgle, lead by festus, a level 2 with puppet and a challange exalted at 1500 points

I've got 5+ followed by a 5+ regen if they shoot me, and if they do there not shooting at my knights/Dragon ogers/Giant (yes I have got all 3 in 1500

If not then I'm fireing out 2 burbos, and some other nasty nurgle spell

at 2000 points I've got two units of 20 with full command, one lead by festus and the level 2, the other the level 4 and the exalted

23-08-2009, 22:58
The smaller units were what I first thought about, but with mobile hammers in the form of knights,

Those small units cost a whole 50 points each and move at the same speed as your infantry blocks. They wont cause as many casualties as the knights but they will remove the enemy rank bonus and thats all that they need to do. They need to lose 6 wounds to negate their use, thats more than 1 round of shooting for most units. If they do get shot up its in your favour as they are cheap and it means that more important units aren't getting shot.

24-08-2009, 20:02
I am lazy, so I will just link to my thoughts: Marauder Units and Characters (http://www.avianon.net/tactics/marauder_units_chars.php)