View Full Version : My tournament WoC amry(ETC)

23-08-2009, 11:12
Hi guys, im gonna play a tournament with the ETC restrictions. Heres my army list.

Lvl 4 sorcerer, tzeentch, sword of might, enchanted shield, spell familiar, dispell scroll, golden eye of tzeentch, disc of tzeentch.

Exalted hero, bsb, barded steed, mark of nurgle. Chos runesword.

Sorcerer of nurgle, lvl2, barded steed, infernal puppet.

5 marauder horsemen, flail, throwing axes, slaanesh. musican
5 marauder horsemen, flail, throwing axes, slaanesh, musican
16 warriors, shield, extra hand weapon, slaanesh, full command

1 chariot of slaanesh
5 knights of slaanesh, musican, standard, war banner
6 knights of nurgle, musican, standard
3 dragon ogres, great weapons

happy for any comment.:)

23-08-2009, 14:26
it looks like a good list but why does your sorcerer lord have a sword of might it seems pointless and drop the flails on your maurauder horsemen that would save you 40 points (including dropping the sword of might) which could get your nurgle knight the banner of rage i think (the one that makes the frenzied) which would be a much better point for point

23-08-2009, 19:21
I think it is worth the points, the flails and sword of might, it realy comes handy when im hunting warmachines and fast cav. Infernal gateway doesnt require any targeting restriktions. And i dont think making my nurgle knights frenzy would be any good idea, since frenzy sucks.

23-08-2009, 19:39
I think dropping the warriors would be a good idea as they don't fit in. Get more knights.

24-08-2009, 17:46
I do think the warriors fit in becouse they is the perfect place to put the sorcerer, and with the ETC restriktions you cant have more than two of the same special choises,