View Full Version : mengil manihides crossbows

23-08-2009, 16:27
so i'm looking to add mengil mahide and his manflayers to my army.
what i was wondering was what is dark venom?
what does it do and is it in the new dark elves book or only in the old one?

well thanks

23-08-2009, 17:07
Dark Venom in the previous dark elf book was essentially just a fluffy euphemism for the special rule, Poisoned Attacks. They both had the exact same effect. Dark venom in the new dark elf book improves the ability to garner CR in challenges.

If I were to adjucate this situation, I'd allow the dark venom on their weapons to count simply as poisoned attacks. The new incarnation of dark venom only works in challenges, and it wouldn't make much sense for the rank in file in this unit to have it.