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11-01-2006, 08:43
Having now finished my Chaos Dwarfs and already begun work on my next army which is all bought and just needs to be painted I am thinking about the next army and begginning to collect the models...I have decided on a horde of Sigmarites....using the normal Empire list.....the basic idea is a bunch of religious zealots and the tactics are simple really, Infantry moves forward while archers swarm around screening and taking on fast, cav skirmishers etc......so here is the list

Arch Lector- AoMI, Icon of Magnus and Great Weapon

Warrior Priest- Dawn Armour and great wepaon

Warrior Priest-enchanted shield, sword (hammer!)of power and heavy armour

Captain battle standard- holy relic and full plate ( this guy will converted to be the personal servant and bodyguard of the archlector

2 units of 20 Swordsmanwith full command and a detachment of 10 Free Company and 10 archers(will prolly use Brettonian Maa to get that peasanty look)

20 Greatsword with full command( converted to look like acolytes with bald heads and hammers) with 10 FC and 10 archer detachments

20 Flagellants inc Prophet

4 units of 10 archers

192 models 6 dispel dice


Captain Ardias
11-01-2006, 08:48
I'm looking forward to see the units, it sounds very cool. The list sounds ok to me, even though I'm not an empire player.

12-01-2006, 00:46
The main infantry units are not all that scary - 4 units of 20 each. Having them slightly larger, say 25 models each, would help with their staying power (being able to keep full ranks for longer, outnumbering).

Are you intentionally skipping the option to upgrade one of the archer units into huntsmen?

Grand Warlord
12-01-2006, 01:06
Yeah i do agree 25 would be better just to be safe, but 20 may be able to hold up ... i personally go for 25 since i roll like crap. no real experience with archers so no comment there... pretty nice list overall