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Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
23-08-2009, 17:43

yesterday I played a 60ish man tournament, with a full goblin army. My orcs did do badly in the ETC so they are punished for the rest of the year so I play with goblins till january :).

Goblin big boss, chariot, light armour, enchanted shield, martog's best basha 127pts

Goblin shaman lv2, wolf chariot itty ring, scroll 195

Goblin shaman lv2, wolf chariot dispell scroll 175

30 Night goblins, full command, netters 145pts

21 Night goblins, musician, short bows, 3 fanatic's 142pts

21 Night goblins, musician, short bows, 3 fanatic's 142pts

21 Night goblins, musician, short bows, 3 fanatic's 142pts

21 Night goblins, musician, short bows, 3 fanatic's 142pts

5 Wolf riders, spears, short bows, musician 76pts

5 Wolf riders, spears, short bows, musician 76pts

5 Spider riders, spears,short bows, musician 76pts

5 Spider riders, spears,short bows, musician 76pts


Wolf chariot, extra crew 63pts

Wolf chariot, extra crew 63pts

10 Squiq hoppers 150pts

Giant 205pts

Models: 162

So a rather unstable list, but what do you expect from a goblin player.

There where scenario's on every table which meant it would be more tactical to play.

So battle one was against... Deamons

The scenario was fata morgana, there is no scenery only 3 water features from which 1 is worth 300pts but that is rolled random on the end of the battle and every unit needs to test for unruly, so I have annimosity and unruly.

My opponent field 2 heralds of khorne on juggers, 1 herald of tzeentch, 2*21bloodletters with full command, 20 horrors with icon of sorcery, 2*6 fleshounds and 6 flamers.

Because of all the test I needed to take I hadn't much control over the army but still the deamon just went to the water features and I was just running around and shooting here an there.

High lights of this battle where I declare 3 chariots to charge on his horrors but only one passes his fear test but he does 7 impact hits and wins combat against the horrors and get half points for the unit. And 5 wolfriders fail their unruly and charge a big bloodletter unit, the blood letters don't kill them all and they have to pursuit which means that my wolf boyz claim the waterfeature that normally was claimed by the bloodletters. The bloodletters run trough a bunch of fanatic's and I also get half points. In my last turn I claim a second waterfeature with my goblin mage on chariot because the two short bow shots kill a flamer which make they are with 4 left. So we roll for which water feature is worth 300 more points and my spider claim it.

In the end the game ends in a well deserved draw 10-10

Game 2 was against vampires. He had one vampire with powerstone and book of arkhan, a necromancer with powerstone, and a necromancer on a corpse cart with also a power stone. Then he had 2*20 skeletons with full command, 20 ghouls with champion, 3*5 dire wolves, 6 fell bats, 10 black knights and 5 blood knights. The scenario was traitor which means you get a model from him and if you kill it you get 300 more points.

The opponent was scared as hell from my fanatic's and only one unit released their fanatic's in the game and that was in turn 5. He had turn one and he move his wolves to much forward so one of my chariots can charge him. He tought they only moved 16'inch. In my turn I killed the wolves with the chariot and overran in skeletons and I killed 3 fell bats with magic. Now he moved his troops so that if I charged he would get nice flank charges. Of course I didn't fall for this obvious traps so I just moved with my fast cav and shot a while, meanwhile my squiqs where in the flank from a now 40 big skeleton unit, which meant 20 s5 attacks :wub: I slowly ate troug that unit. In his turn 5 he miscasted twice and I got half points for his 2 necromancers. We couldn't play a 6 turn otherwise the result would have been even worse for the vc.

He managed to get 177pts from my army. So I secured a solid victory 17-3 :)

Last battle was against dark elves see a trend here :D. My opponent had a master on manticore, a hag with cauldron of blood, 2*10 crossbowmen, 15 black guard with ring of hotek and a assasin,2*5 harpies, 5 cold one knights, bunch of shades with assasin, and of course a hydra.

And the scenario was fog which meant you only had 12" LoS. But the good thing was both mages rolled foot of gork and hand of gork.

The dark elf player had turn one and I like usual I deployed so his harpies couldn't trigger my fanatic's in turn one. In my turn one my squiq hopper move an extra 5" and on their normal move they go 17" his harpies flee and he can't rally them. My magic sees my squiq hoppers hand of gorked into the crossbowmen and they eat them, and they overrun in the second unit. His manticore lands to close to my night goblins and get 3 fanatic's in his face and both riders and beast are killed.

His hydra charged my 30 big goblin unit and I declared a flee. Now I had 42 archers on 8 inch from the hydra. I did 3 wounds with the short bows, and my opponent couldn't believe his eyes. In his turn he declares a charge on one of the archers, but i fail my terror test the hydra runs far enough to kill the gobbos. Unfortunatly for the poor beastie it mean he has to run trough 4 fanatic's and the beast is killed.

In turn 6 his flank from the black guard is showing to my general on chariot. I know I'm ahead of points but it is a draw. If I lose my general I suppose it is still a draw, if I kill his black guard the game is mine but I suspect the assasin is stil there. I declare the charge on hope that all goes well. I roll low for impact and there is indeed an assasin in the unit which kills my general and the chariot breaks.

We calculate points and it is a draw with only 3 pts difference between us and it is in my favor. So 10-10

In the end I got a 14place from 60 is players and I faced the big 3 and I did pretty good with my goblins.

Next weekend we have a 2250pts tourny for our club ranking with no large targets allowed, and the guy on the second place can't come so I have now the chance to make the gap between first and second place bigger and improve my chances to win our club championship. If I have the time I will also make a small report.


Death Korp
23-08-2009, 18:49
Wow, you did really well against the big 3 with your Goblins. People think O&G are uncompetative, but with so many fanatics, you could destroy their entire army with ease with them (if all goes well :D ).



23-08-2009, 20:29
That was AWESOME!!!!!! I loved reading about how the fanatics tore through the beastmaster manticore-Did you have much problems with fear in that game against the DE's? How did you handle the blood knights?

Congrats on a well-earned 14th place!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
23-08-2009, 20:40
@death korp: I lost some goblins to my own fanatic's but those are cheap and their loses can be accepted.

@Dungeon_Lawyer: he had deployed his blood knight behind 2 units of wolves, and he was very carefully with them and he set them up to counter charge me if I would be so foolish to charge with my fast cavalry. The big unit of black knights caused me more trouble since they ignore difficult terrain but with threating his flank with the giant they didn't do much.

I only failed 2 leadership test against the dark elves so it was not a big issue


23-08-2009, 21:41
nice writeups, and I must say well done all things considered. Facing the Big 3 and doing this well? hope for goblins yet.

Getting both unruly and animosity? = an army that plays itself

23-08-2009, 21:44
Nice one :)
That's probably one army where the big 3 aren't the worst enemy to face tbh, a gunline could have given you lots more problems... Although a slaanesh LD bomb daemon army would have been nasty :p
Good job making a competitive gobbo list and doing well with it!

24-08-2009, 04:07
It kind of makes me chuckle, but as said above, the big 3 tend to acutally do worse against "weaker" forces like Orcs and (particularly) Gobbos than the more elite "middling" forces. The ability to have lots of cheap crap to sacrifice and then fanatic the crap out of things is gold. I've seen more than 1 'Thirster go down this way.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
24-08-2009, 06:50
@ SevenSins: That is true but a unit of 3 wolfriders that charge a big unit of bloodletters isn't good:p

@RaZeR: it is true, against the dark elf player I would probably have suffered a little because of the shooting but I was lucky enough to have that scenario that only allowed 12" LoS

@ TheSanityAssassin: I think that lizards with engine's could be a tougher match up for this list because of the blast they have they can quickly kill the fanatic's and I lose the advantage in the movement face then.


24-08-2009, 13:46
I was hoping for three wins, but no losses is just as good ;)

Way to go Gazhkull, I've been waiting for a series of reports like this from you for a while :D

24-08-2009, 18:35
brilliant stuff, goblins are ace!:D

24-08-2009, 18:59
Great stuff Ghazak. Didn't surprize me that O&G did so well :D good to read

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
25-08-2009, 10:31
@ Malorian: 3 wins would have been nice but I'm still happy with the result against the big 3. Goblins are the best

@Nuada: you can drop the Orc part xD

Tommorow I probably have a game against chaos dwarves


Awilla the Hun
30-08-2009, 10:58
Comrade Von Stahl applauds the efforts of the Minimalist goblin forces against the tyrranical "Big 3" armies.

Desert Rain
30-08-2009, 13:12
It's nice to see someone doing well with a 'low tier' army, especially against the Big 3.

30-08-2009, 13:56
Good going with them Gobbs... Coming in the top quarter in a 60 man tourney, top show old chap! :D