View Full Version : can an all skink army work

24-08-2009, 10:26
hi all

im going to be starting a lizzardman army in the near future. and was thinking of trying a all skink list. can anyone give me any feedback on whats good to run in a list like this

Ultimate Life Form
24-08-2009, 10:46
You definitely need Stegadons to add a punch. Especially the Engine of the Gods is mandatory. With one or two of them (points should allow it), you can seize magic superiority and present an immense threat at the same time. Also worth considering would be a Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon with the magic spear. This is really something your opponent will want to avoid in his flank.

A few Chameleons as early shooting and march blockers, Terradons for similar reasons and their Drop Rocks rule, oh, and of course a few Salamanders/Razordons, whichever you like better.

Your core should contain a good number of Skink Skirmishers to support the rest of the troops, but a solid block of normal Skinks could be worth it too, especially with a few Kroxes added and maybe a Skink Chief BSB with Skavenpelt Banner... ouch!

Guard of Itza
24-08-2009, 11:59
Its a fun list to play and it really revolves around powerful characters and monsters, the skins just happen to be there. The biggest problem you will face is enemies that do not break, so daemons, vampire counts, and tomb kings but they will rarely pose much a threat in combat if you charge. Just be careful to have some numbers because when running so many expensive characters there can be less room for anything else.

24-08-2009, 14:58
All Skinks can definitely work and be very fun, considering your little cheap buggers will be swarming your opponents in a tide of poisoned shooting (<3 Jungle Poisons).

ULF has it right. EotG, Terras, Sallies and Razors get the job done. Kroxigor and Skink cohorts work very well, giving a balance of numbers/attack power. Herding Stegadons will put fear in any opponent (imagine fielding 3+ terror-causing, large targets that ram into a unit and crush it into a bloody pulp before moving on... So satisfying!). Adding a Skink BSB can be quite effective with units (Skavenpelt), by himself (naked with Warspear on an Ancient) or very hilarious too (Totem of Prophecy, Fear-causing Skinks? Really? LOL!).

Tehenhauin also provides this list with a very interesting set up. A Lord with the option of mounting an EotG, a balance of stats and gear that makes him a potent fighter/wizard hybrid, and Lore of Beasts (Bear's Anger on your footslogging BSB Skink Chief... Good times). Not to mention his Red Crest bonus (situational, but so cool!).

A Skink Chief on Terradon can also be a very interesting prospect. Decked out, this little ankle-biter costs almost nothing and can deliver a good punch.

25-08-2009, 07:55
My list is: Stegs (2), 2 Units of Cold One Riders, 5 Units of skirmishers and a few Salamanders to taste.

The trick to to get your baiting and counter charging just right.