View Full Version : first draft all skink army

24-08-2009, 12:56
hi all can i have some feedback on this list please

skink chief
stegadon war spear
ancient stegadon
total 380pts

skink chief light armour/shield
battle standard
skavenpelt banner
total 109pts

skink priest
plaque of tepok
engine of the gods
total 405pts

skink priest lv2
rod of the storm
dispel scroll
engine of the gods
total 440pts

10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirmishers
10 skink skirimishers
10 skink skirimishers
24 skinks
full command 3 kroigor
total 307pts
3 razordon hunting packs total 225pts
3 terradon riders 90pts

thanks for looking

Idle Scholar
24-08-2009, 13:03
Have you considered giving the Skink Chief the flying cloak? You're going to have leadership issues even with cold blooded and having him able to fly where needed might be helpful. Some chameleon skinks might come in handy against artillery heavy armies that'll slaughter you're stegs.

24-08-2009, 17:12
Yes! Lee, you deserve kudos for playing an all-skink list! As a great pandaren brewmaster once said: 'I'd kiss you, but I have puke breath' :p.

Alright, on to seriousness:
- That's a LOT of skink skirmishers. I'd field 2 units to fill up your core requirements, maybe bump them to 12, but that'd be enough. You can reinvest you points elsewhere, such as Chameleon Skinks (situational, but good warmachine crew hunters/harassing units) or Terradon Riders (the more, the better :D!)

- Maybe drop 1 Razordon Hunting pack to pick up a few points to add what I mentionned above. 3 is overkill, 2 gets the job done. This is by all means a pure suggestion for point hunting, 3 teams is a good investment.

- Rod of Storm is 1 use only, and both your Engines can spam Burning Alignment on engaged and non-engaged troops. I'd whip out Blood-Statuette of Spite for laughs (die Elves!), or maybe another Dispel Scroll for added protection. Cube of Darkness maybe?

- For a thought, consider running a Terradon-mounted Chief. He can provide much needed backup for your flyers should they need to engage something, and can deliver the goods for a modest investment.

Other than that... I lift my hat to you sir! Have fun running Skinks!