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24-08-2009, 13:04
Sorcerer lord lv 4 on daemonic mount (daemon sword)----- 340

festus the leechlord ---- 185

exalted hero (banner or wrath ) nurgle ----- 221

20 chaos warriors with full command nurgle ------- 380

2 x 5 marauder horsemen nurgle (flails & throwing axes)-- 200

2 x5 warhounds poisoned attacks & scaley skin --- 100

9 chaos knights with full command (banner of rage ) nurgle ---- 445 points

chaos chariot nurgle --- 150

total --- 2021

24-08-2009, 13:14
Your choices defeats purpose all through the list.

Daemon Sword on a Sorcerer lord seems silly. You're basically giving your opponent half points for him since he'll hit himself quite a lot. Pick gear that makes him a better caster instead.

Scaly skin and poisoned attacks on the hounds is a horrible idea. It's a waste of points.

20 warriors in one group is also a waste of points since warriors are designed to kill things, not win through static resolution.

What's the deal with 9 knights in one group? Once again it's a waste of points for 1 point of static resolution. When you drop the upgrades from the dogs you'll have enough points for 2x5 knights.