View Full Version : caradryan question

24-08-2009, 16:44
If Caradryan dies in cc does the wounds he causes when he explodes count towards CR??

24-08-2009, 17:49
Yes. They are wounds dealt in close combat.

24-08-2009, 19:24
Also note that they do not count as flaming wounds unlike wounds caused by his halberd (this saves many Heralds of Nurgle that discount his ASF with Noxious Vapours :p)

24-08-2009, 19:34
But are they magical?

24-08-2009, 19:42
I'm not sure. This isn't even covered in the HE FAQ (anyways, it wasn't there last time I checked). Though I'd assume Asuryan's wrath would have a tad of magic power associated to it, no? Divine retribution has a way of making things magical :).