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24-08-2009, 19:32
Ok i would LOVE to get a respons from some warboss out there who has played an Azhag list.

What should i run in it if i want to go for 2k points. Im thinking of either get the army magic heavy, or lay of, i cant decide. But getting some heroe hitting machines would be great to even out the threat over the army a bit, since large targets are often sitting ducks for warmachines and magix.

Any advice would be great!

24-08-2009, 20:47
Tbh I play Orcs and Goblins and never thought of taking him.

Yes the new model is Awsome, but at:

A: 48 (ish)
B: Not very good stats compared to modern special characters.

I wont be rushing to use him.

Now Im kinda hoping they are going to up his rules WHEN they finally bring the new o&g book

24-08-2009, 20:57
with him you have 4 power dice. to get a strong enough magic phase to matter, you'd need to take 2-3 lv.2 shamen, one of which carries nibbla's itty ring. you also want to take a giant, so if shooting focuses on your gen, at least you have a giant getting in there unscathed.

i agree with wamp that his stats aren't very good for 450 points and stupidity.

25-08-2009, 08:17
Yeah, if i wanted any magic that mattered i would need a "bounch" of lvl2 shamen. And I agree that a Giant is a must.

Yeah he isnt the best, by far comparing the stats not only to other characters in the O&G list, but if you compare the wyvern to other monsters its not that great.

Though i LOVE the model and just die to paint it, hehe. Hell, i can use him as an ordenary warboss on a wyvern if the Azhag rules prove to be worthless to their points.
What do you think of a Black Orc Warboss on a wyvern, heavy armor, and warboss Ironclaws cleava? i think that sounds nasty. Thats 451points.

Btw, does any1 know when the new O&G book will come? Is this just something you said, or is it coming soon?

25-08-2009, 08:39
If I took the madman himself I would back it up with AT LEAST 2 orc or goblin shamans (one of each so you can get staff of sneaky stealing!).
3rd one could be a boss BSB....
Only issue you have though is the mixed nature of the madman - ideally with O & G it's good to see the leader in the centre of the line lending his leadership to the bulk of the army. With warboss on wyvern your commited to either hiding behind terrain or advancing ASAP as you cant risk being singled out for too long - so personally after using a warboss on wyvern a few times I decided they are only worth it with a really fast moving greenie horde - wolves, spiders, boars, giants, chariots, charactors in chariots, squig hoppers, etc, etc. That way the army can advance with the mad man to keep benifiting from his leadership, and provide multiple targets for your enemy - sure he can hit the loonie on his pumped up lizard mount but what about the rest of the rapidly approaching speed freaks????

25-08-2009, 20:54
Jind, you are making a very good point. Though my lack of experience only made me think about one thing about his massiveness. I wouldnt take trolls, hehehe. But yea you are right. As O&G are relying alot on the warboss' leadership, and he has to "hide", it's best to get a fast army. Bah! maybe ill just end up having him as a trophy/painting project, hahahaha.

But yea im in it for the fun, and that is one random warboss, and tahts what O&G are alla bout! if i wanted a "real" army, i would have chosen something else =)

Morks spirit totem, mass the other chars as shamans, and get a giant, chariots and a lobba. then fill in the rest with boyz and maybe some night gobbos with fanatics? how does that sound, hehehe (got some spider riders and hoppers aswell).

P.S im not in it to win. I want a crazy horde that is fun to play =) I really love that O&Q's movement phase is twice as long as other armies entire turn, hehehehe.

26-08-2009, 01:09
All Azhag has going for him is the model. The army needs his leadership, needs a cadre of mages to make his magic worthwhile, and still needs a BSB. Grimgor is a better fighter, and Gorbad is a better leader.

If you are set on Azhag, throw in a couple orc shaman charioteers, a goblin shaman on a chariot for the sneaky staff, some wolf riders and spider riders, boar chariots, and pump wagons or giants.

26-08-2009, 08:14
yea, well see how it all turns out. The model itself is worth buying anyway =)

26-08-2009, 08:31
you know what I love about most Orc & Goblin players? They are truly what great warhammer players are about! They build lists because they love the look of certain models/units.
They builds lists which are incredibly themed.
They take units as they give them great giggles on the dance floor - so for that reason alone take the mad Azhag, have enormous fun putting him together. Take hours leering & perving at what a great model you now own, and take enormous pride in painting him.
Then that first day on the battlefield.....

He fails stupidity and the army fails to do anything - but giggle away like a nutter fanactic on magic mushrooms!

I say.....if you cant play Azhag in a competitive way (ie fast moving army with magic BLAM!) then take the silliest and most fun list you can think off just to enjoy the essence of being a green skinned nutter!

Grimgor is indeed a better fighter - but does the model inspire me to go green? Nah - at best he's a mediocre looking warboss - but the madman - WOW!
It's a good job I started playing Orcs again 5 months ago as otherwise he'd make me want in again!

And we're trying to recreate the scenerio were on the hills were he deployed 3-4 coloumns to outflank the Empire. We've got several Empire players and O &? G, each will have their own 4*6 board and play seperate battles based on how he outflanked them. The results of each battle will affect how an amry can then appear on another battlefield to add mayhem to the day!
Hopefully the end result will see his madship's genius win the day!