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11-01-2006, 13:07
1000 pts. tournament, januari 2006

Due to the lessons I learned during the previous tournament, I made a few minor adjustments in the list. I wanted to add a fast and flexible threat that wasn’t frenzied like most of my other heavy-hitters. My General, my Chosen and my Chariot were all very capable when it comes to combat, but not always reliable when it comes to timing and targeting …

I demoted my General from Exalted to Aspiring Champion, the Chosen were un-Chosen and I scrapped a few Furies … enough points to add another Aspiring Champion to the mix, but an Undivided one this time. The plan is to send him along with the Marauder Horsemen, making them very fast and flexible at delivering 8 high strength and 6 low strength attacks (fast cavalry with a punch!)

The demoted general and his knights should still be more than able to defeat anything they run in to (fingers crossed).

The Tempest of Blood, a Khornate raiding party of 991 pts

Aspiring Champion of Khorne @ 137 pts
- barded chaos steed, shield, great axe

Aspiring Champion of Chaos Undivided @ 102 pts
- barded chaos steed, shield, great axe

5 Knights of Khorne @ 260 pts
- full command

2x 5 Marauder Horsemen @ 81 pts each
- musician, flails

Chariot of Khorne @ 150 pts

3x 5 Warhounds of Chaos @ 90 pts

6 Chaos Furies @ 90 pts

2 power dice
5 dispel dice
39 models, 9 units to deploy

Battle 1: The curse of the mummy!

Not too bad from the looks of it. The magic should be manageable, shooting would hurt but I would probably not have to endure it for very long anyway … in combat I should totally crush them bones.

Khorne v. Tomb Kings

Tomb Prince, Great weapon + ward save (general)
Tomb Prince
Liche Priest, Cloak of the Dunes (hierophant)

2x 19 Skeleton archers
1x 3 Skeleton Chariots

1 Skull Catapult

The battle-field was a flat terrain with several small forests blocking line of sight for his catapult (my biggest worry). My opponent deployed his skeleton archers in two long lines next to eachother, the catapult stood in the centre and the chariots were on the left flank. My biggest push would be coming on the right flank this time, aimed at the skeletons with the Tomb Prince general! The Knights lead by my General, the Chariot, Marauder Horsemen and the Furies would all go through the right flank while my Undivided Champion lead his Marauders on the left-flank … the centre was filled with throw-away warhounds.

The Undead hordes started hostilities shooting a lot … since we both were still in starting positions that meant an awful lot of arrows sticking in the ground just before my units. The catapult tried to get my Chariot, but misfired and the crew had to repair the damage before firing again. His light chariots advanced a bit.

Perfect start! … no casualties at my side and the catapult temporarily out of action. :D

On the left flank some Warhounds and the Marauders lead by my Undivided Champion advanced towards the undead chariots … daring them to charge. In the centre some Warhounds moved forward, making sure no arrow would scratch the shiny armour of my Knights while they got into position for a right-flank push and on the right the Furies flew into position for a charge on the catapult … my Chariot slowly following them.

Due to some magical prodding, the crew of the catapult managed to fire it again in the shooting-phase … but it scattered just for enough to avoid any casualties. The right-flank skeleton archers tried to take the Furies down, but killed just one or two. On the other flank the archers took aim at my Marauder Horsemen who were hiding behind some terrain that didn’t block line of sight … I really should pay more attention to details like that. They died, leaving the Undivided Champion all alone with the Warhounds still leading the way.

Time to get into position …

The Furies launched themselves at the Catapult and started taking down the crew, one survived though … only to crumble during the next round. My heavy cavalry placed itself in front of the skeleton archers with his general while my Chariot moved a bit closer to the action (when you have a cavalry-army, chariots tend to lag behind … slow buggers).

On the left flank the Warhounds charged the undead chariots who were by now hiding partly behind the archers … the Undivided Champion galloped behind them so that the chariots would overrun/pursue into him after they had defeated the Warhounds … time to show them bones what a Great Axe can do to small chariots! :evilgrin:

All according to plan so far … and the undead reaction didn’t bring any surprises.

The right-flank archers reformed into ranks of four and braced themselves for the oncoming charge. The left-flank archers shot another unit of Warhounds in the centre, the chariots defeated the Warhounds and slammed into the waiting Undivided Champion … oh yeah!

Now the pain begins!

My General lead his Knights of Khorne in a devastating charge on the waiting archers. The Tomb Prince managed to bring one Knight down with his Great Kopesh but after the dust had settled none of his troops remained … all had been killed directly or crumbled due to the heavy losses. The following round the Tomb Prince also bit the dust … good, now to wipe away the rest and an easy massacre to start the tournament with. :evilgrin:

… or so I thought.

Tomb Princes are sore losers because if they die they curse at the victors. Unfortunately for me I failed the leadership test, to make matters worse he rolled for 6 wounds (no saves ofcourse) and to rub it all in they randomised to four on the unit (all Knights killed) and two on my General (also killed).

… I just lost 500 pts because of that damned curse! Can it get any worse? … sure it can!

Remember that Undivided Champion about to make tiny bits of those undead chariots? The chariots didn’t manage to wound the heavily armoured Champion … unfortunately for me I rolled nothing but snake eyes to wound … so I lost, ran and died with last character.

After that I concentrated on hiding and claiming corners to salvage some points … got a draw out of it in the end … from an easy massacre to a narrow draw due to one stroke of really bad luck. :cries:

Results: a draw

Medals: me … for not starting to cry (came damned close though)

Next up: Orcs ‘n Gobbos

11-01-2006, 13:47
Battle 2: The green tide

This should be interesting. I haven’t tried my cavalry army against fanatics yet … good thing I brought a lot of sacrificial units with me.

Gobbo shaman lvl 2 (general) Thingy of I-can-cast-it-twice and mushrooms
Gobbo shaman lvl 2 Ring of I-zap-you
Gobbo shaman lvl 2

4x 20 Night Goblins (3 fanatics each)

No fancy tactics, no grand manoeuvres … in fact, the first three turns looked something like this:

- The Gobbos hang back while trying to blast my fast approaching sacrificial units.

- I do everything I can to protect my sacrificial units from his magic until the fanatics are released.

- The suicide runners manage to release all the fanatics before they are all blasted from the field by magic … that’s 1 unit Furies, 3 units Warhounds and 1 unit Marauders.

- My remaining units advance to trample some Greenskins into the ground.

After that, things became a lot easier:

The Undivided Champion lead his Marauders into the left-flank Gobbo unit … they defeated, broke and butchered them all. :evilgrin:

The Shaman with the Ring of I-zap-you managed to make his own head explode while trying to cast something … magic does have some entertainment value afterall it seems. :p

The Chariot of Khorne charged the next unit … while the crew aimed their halberds at the Shaman leading the Greenskins, the steeds and Chariot itself smashed enough of them the make them run for it … and ofcourse caught them during the pursuit. :evilgrin:

The Knights of Khorne vaporised the next unit … ‘nuff said. :evilgrin:

By then only his General and one unit of Greenskins remained and time ran out. The magic was painful and the fanatics a real threat … but when the road was clear for my assault units it was an easy kill.

Results: Massacre

Medals: My kamikaze dogs … never have they died so fast and so gloriously

Up next: Bretonnians of the Errantry war

11-01-2006, 19:52
Battle 3: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

Right … it seems like I’m out-knighted about six to one. But! My Knights are experienced crazed killer of Khorne while his are little boys trying to impress the ladies … I should be fine.

Khorne v. Errantry Brets

Paladin (general)
BSB Paladin
Damsel lvl 2

5x 6 Knights Errant (all waving Errantry banners ofcourse)

Bring it on!

Deployement was fairly straightforward: my opponent placed all his knights close together in the centre, I deployed a vanguard of Warhounds in the centre, the heavy hitters behind them and both Marauder units on the opposite flanks … my Undivided Champion supported the left Marauders.

Since he chose to start the battle by doing some praying, I moved first and advanced my forces in a standard enveloping manoeuvre. The central Warhounds moved just into charge reach of the knights Errant with my Knights and Chariot further behind, the Marauder units went full-speed down both flanks … things were looking good.

Having limited himself to a single battle-line of Knights meant there was not much he could do to counter the obvious trap. Either he charged the Warhounds and got stuck in front of my units … or he could just move a bit, but then have all those annoying (and cheap) Warhounds around him at awkward angles to hinder movement and re-direct charges … :D

So he acted as a true Knight Errant should (the Damsel was watching) and charged.

One unit of Warhounds (which was a bit at an angle) received the charge and lead the brave Knights Errant off the table after the pursuit, the other Warhounds down the centre all fled ofcourse … leaving four units of Knights Errant lead by his General and Battle Standard bearer facing my General leading his Knights of Khorne, my Chariot and the Undivided Champion who was looking at them from the flank.

…. aaah the blood about to flow, Khorne will be soooo pleased! :evilgrin:

The only thing that presented a bit of a problem was the amount of targets I had. The left-most unit was charged by my Chariot and the Undivided Champion from the flank, the next two units received a dual-charge from my General leading his Khornate retinue into the fight … my unit was wide enough and he had placed them nicely snug next to each other, so why not? That still left the unit with his Battle Standard bearer free for action … but that what’s sacrificial units are for. So I flew the Furies in front of them to keep them occupied for a while.

All battles were won, but due to that damned ward-save they all had I only killed a couple of Knights per unit and with the re-roll from his Battle Standard nearby none of them broke from combat.

The following turn he charged my Furies and made them go “poof!” afterwards and overran deep into the rear of my side of the battle-field … fine by me because there only some rallying Warhounds hanging around. The centre of the field was still filled with Knights trying to bash each others brains out. I knocked more Knights Errant out of their saddles and this time the left-most broke and was caught by the pursuing Chariot … the Undivided Champion restrained himself, ready to help out with the other units. The other units still held though.

The returning Knights Errant, after having bravely chased away them damned dogs, moved towards the fighting in the centre and made sure the damsel had a good view of their shiny armour, big muscles and long lances.

The left-flank Marauders intercepted the returning Knights Errant and placed themselves at an annoying angle in front of them … making rude gestures with their flails and whistling to the damsel. :p

The Undivided Champion joined the central fight … the remaining Knights Errant in the centre suddenly decided they had had enough and ran for it. The Warhounds moved around in hunt for table-corners while avoiding some Knights Errant.

Well, a quick count of all the kills, banners, table-corners showed that it was another massacre. Good show, lotsa blood too! Bretonnian Knights maybe strong on the charge, but they really need supporting units to make sure that they get those charges. Getting caught they way they were now turns the whole army into a small amount of strength 3 toughness 3 humans with a good armour save … it’s ust not enough.

I think that some fast cavalry, a lone character or skirmishers would have made a big difference. Still, nice battle all the way! :)

Results: Massacre

Medals: The Undivided Champion, for showing what he can do

Up next: Wood Elves

12-01-2006, 13:49
Battle 4: The march of the … dryads

Hmmm, I had fought a slightly different version of this list before … and it hurt. Those Dryads are about the best troops you can get for those points and he sure has a lot of them … oh look, he added one of those lethal Wardancer Heroes as well. Last time I had to face him in the most unfavourable terrain possible filled with forests and difficult terrain, this time however it was to be a fight in open desert canyon terrain.

Khorne v. Wood Elves

Wardancer Hero (general)

1x 6 wardancers
5x 8/9 dryads

The battle-field gave us a narrow canyon on the right flank and a wider one in the centre, in which a sudden forest popped up, leading to an open space with some room to manoeuvre just on my side. He did however got a spell that allowed him to basically ignore terrain.

He deployed a few Dryad units at the right-flank canyon, but the bulk of his forces concentrated on the central area. Not sure what to expect from this set-up I deployed everything in a way that would allow me to react quickly. Both my Marauder units and the Undivided Champion and a Warhound unit kept an eye on the left-flank canyon, the Champion and his Marauder retinue were in a position to redeploy to the centre should they be needed there. My General, his Knights of Khorne and a Warhound screen filled the centre while the Chariot would remain on guard against any breakthroughs. The Furies were ordered to stay alive.

… right, let the blood flow!

The horde of Dryads quickly moved forward towards the canyons leading to my side of the battle-field, no need for me to go get them.

I moved my Warhounds screens forward to check his advance early on … the longer I allow them to march, the faster they’ll be in my territory and I do not want to be up to my neck in fast moving hard hitting skirmishers in turn two. :mad:

The dryads were obviously not impressed by the Warounds (let’s be honest, who is?) and charged them both on the left-flank and in the centre. The left-flank Warhounds fled away, stranding the Dryads in front of a unit of Marauders. The central Warhounds offered their lives for the Greater Glory of Khorne and presented the victorious Dryads to the waiting Knights of Khorne …

So far everything had gone more or less as expected, which was a good thing … but obviously also exactly as my opponent had planned, which could end up being painful. In fact, it reminded me a lot of how things had started in our previous match. :eyebrows:

My General and the Knight of Khorne decided this would be a good time to show these trees who was boss of the battle-field … and they charged, with predictable result. One unit of Dryads was thoroughly smashed to tiny bits, chased away and trampled into the ground … the pursuing cavalry ended up in that small annoying forest, presenting flanks to a unit of Wardancers on the right and a unit of Dryads on the left. My Marauders on the left-flank failed to do anything useful when they charged the advancing Dryads … they died and the Drayds overran deep into my territory.

Not good, not good at all …

I had however made sure that the position of my units could handle events like these. In the centre I had the Undivided Champion leading his Marauder cavalry and the Furies, both ready to throw themselves into the big fight about to break lose there. The odds might not be in my favour, but there sure was going to flow a low of blood before things were done! Meanwhile the Chariot made sure that any enemy unit moving from my left flank to the centre would find a pointy welcome.

The broken through Dryads chased the fleeing Warhounds from the table, the Wardancers charged my Knights of Khorne in the flank and all other un-engaged Dryad units advanced carefully forward.

My General had positioned himself on the right of his Knights and was ready to deal with the Wardancers … he was challenged by the Wardancer Hero. Despite his best efforts, the Elf wasn’t able to score a killing blow and thick armour took care of all other wounds. Even protected by those Annoying Netlings the Elf couldn’t escape the fury of my General … three sixes got me all the hits I needed and the Elf ended up very dead on the ground. The Wardancers tried to flee … but couldn’t escape far enough and were chased off the table the next round, followed by the victorious Knights. :evilgrin:

My remaining units repositioned themselves once again now that the threat in the centre had been dealt with. Furies withdrew from the action back into reserve, the Champion lead his Marauders towards the left flank to help the Chariot in its defence against the advancing Dryads.

My opponent also re-deployed his units in the centre. All advancing Dryads there were called back and both units got ready to ambush my Knights as soon as they returned to the battle-field. He continued his attack from the left flank though … but the Undivided Champion fled away from the charge thereby making sure the Marauders could escape any fighting this turn.

Once again we were running short on time …

We did however check to see how the fight between the Dryads and the returning Knights would go, just for fun. It turned out that the combined front/flank charge from the two units of Dryads lead to a total disaster … for them. No Knights died and the butchered a lot of Dryads in return.

My defence against the attack from the left flank was also quite solid with an Undivided Champion, a unit of Marauder Horsemen and a Chariot of Khorne and a flock of furies in reserve … against two units of Dryads. I was quite confident I would have won those fights as well.

Tough fight, very good opponent, deadly list … but in the end a flexible deployment and a good dose of luck gave me a solid victory.

Results: Solid Victory

Medals: My General, for showing that dancing Elf who’s boss ;)

Up next: Beasts of Chaos

12-01-2006, 21:10
You can't stop now!!

12-01-2006, 21:19
I have been reading since you did the first one.

They are great keep going :)

12-01-2006, 21:56
Battle 5: The battle of the Gods

Mortal versus Beast and Khorne versus Slaanesh … no doubt about who’s going to win this! I mean, come on … there’s no way that my huuuuge Khornate Killers are going to lose to a bunch of kinky cows and goats! ;)

They’re dead, they just don’t know it yet!

Khorne v. Slaanesh

Exalted Daemon of Slaanesh
Bray shaman lvl 2

2x Beastherds
1x 6 centigors
3 minotaurs
1 spawn

Deployment was once again fairly straightforward. Each Beastherd went on a flank, the one on the right backed-up by the Centigors. The Minotaurs, the Spawn and the Exalted Lady of Pain started in the centre. Nothing fancy, about the same as me really … Marauders on the flanks with the Undivided Champion supporting the right flank, my Khornate pride and joy in the centre behind a Warhound screen and the Furies back in reserve.

The Slaaneshi beasts advanced towards my lines en-masse, the Exalted Lady of Pain flew over to the right flank … no problems so far. The Bray Shaman however cast an irresistible Steed of Shadows on the Daemon … propelling her forwards another 20 inch right into my very surprised Marauders. They of course did what every proud barbarian of the North would do when facing a very large winged daemonic lady with a big sword … they ran … right off the table … taking my Undivided Champion with them. :cries:

Dammit. Instead of breaking through his flanks and threatening his lines from behind, I just lost control of an entire flank and had a very nasty Daemon peeking at my lines from behind.

My right flank was still fine, so the Marauders advanced towards the beastherd with a unit of Warhounds a bit behind. The centre of my lines now had to take that Daemon into account … that and the Minotaurs heading towards me from the front. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle cows … it was just the gigantic swords that had me worried a bit. So I had this plan (quite brilliant actually): ;)

The two central Warhound units (always ready to die for the Glory of Khorne) moved forward in a inversed V-shaped formation, my General leading the Knights close behind. That way the Spawn, which would move before the Minotaurs, would slam into the Warhounds … defeat them and chase them into the waiting Knights. My Knights would them beat the crap out of the Spawn and overrun into the Minotaurs!

The Furies teamed up with the Chariot to control the Exalted Lady of Pain by forming a sort of net with the Chariot behind … daring her to charge.

Ha! Who says we Khornates are just stupid brutes?

Most of the Slaaneshi forces just moved around a bit, no charges at all. The Spawn wasn’t in a hurry and stopped just before my bait-warhounds, the Minotaurs just behind the monstrosity. Both beastherds moved around a bit, obviously not sure what to do about all that Khornate pain waiting for them … even the Exalted Lady of Pain stayed away from my Furies and moved towards some trees next to my Knights.

Oh yeah, the Centigors were still on the right flank, looking at the other bait-warhound unit … wondering what to do with it.

I was still waiting for the Slaaneshi to fall for my bait and right into my cunning surprise … so in the centre nothing much happened. The Furies flew off in search of a Bray Shaman to nibble on and the Marauders on the left-flank charged into the opposing beastherd. They killed some beastmen and won the combat big time … but my opponent rolled snake eyes for his break-test and didn’t run.

… and then things started to go wrong. :eek:

The Spawn obviously didn’t understand my brilliant plan, because instead of charging into the warhounds in a straight line it charged them on the extreme side … leaving enough room for the Minotaurs to join the fight … uh oh.

Well, the Warhounds obviously couldn’t handle a Spawn and three Minotaurs … so they died. The Spawn overran into the other Warhound unit and the Minotaurs slammed into my Knights of Khorne … uh oh.

… and then things started to go right!

For some reason the Minotaurs totally failed to kill any of my Knights … convinced that Khorne had big plans for them, the Knights killed one Minotaur, wounded another and caught them in the pursuit. They then slammed into the Spawn who had mysteriously failed to defeat the Warhounds.

The Marauders however were killed by the Beastherd … ah well, can’t win all the fights.

Again my opponent didn’t bring the Exalted Lady of Pain into combat … both Beastherds did move forward though. The left-flank Beastherd moved to my last Warhound unit and the right-flank Beastherd moved through some woods, into full view of my Chariot of Khorne. And ofcourse my Knights killed the nasty Spawn.

During my turn the Warhounds decided they were fed up with always being bait and fleeing and getting overrun and such … they charged at the Beastherd determined to go down in a blaze of glory. They won combat and chased the beastmen away …

My Chariot charged the Beastherd hiding in the forest … go Frenzy! … the combat was short and bloody, the beastmen ran and were caught during pursuit. The two trips through the trees did cause three wounds in total though.

In the end it turned out to be a draw. I guess Slaanesh ain’t such a wimp after all. I still can’t believe I made such a huge mistake with my “brilliant” plan … good thing Khorne decided I needed another dose of good luck and saved me from those Mintotaurs.

Results: Draw

Medals: Warhounds, for defeating a Beastherd

Up next: … well, collecting my prize! Second overall, not too bad.

Praise Khorne!

12-01-2006, 21:59
I have been reading since you did the first one.

They are great keep going :)

Thanks! ... a bit of praise helps keep the creative juices flowing ;)


12-01-2006, 22:21
If only the battle reports in White Dwarf were so good. I might even buy it then.
Thanks for the reports.:)

13-01-2006, 19:52
Thanks for the reports. It was a pleasure reading them. I have always used Marauders with flails and throwing axes. Glade to someone else use them.

14-01-2006, 09:25
Thanks for the reports. It was a pleasure reading them. I have always used Marauders with flails and throwing axes. Glade to someone else use them.

Thanks :)

I really like the Marauder Horsemen. They are incredibly flexible and since I added the Undivided Champion they can dish out quite some damage as well:

3 strength 7 attacks
5 strength 5 attacks
1 strength 4 attack
5 strength 3 attacks

... not too bad for a fast cavalry charge :D