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24-08-2009, 22:43
Yonder shall reveal my Necromunda and Mordheim projects. I've only recently gotten back into the hobby, and so am still very green when it comes to both painting and modelling. Henceforth is a photology of my first attempt at painting, ever (bar a Mordheim mini, coming up soon);

Formerly Hazard Team 31; caretakers to a Spire noble's only son with a severe autoimmune disease, HT31's duties included avoiding the sadistic traps that the child set for them in his mansion-hab, and clearing away the results of his twisted biological experiments. The child drove HT31's leader to suicide, but this proved to be the last straw; HT31 brought this up with the child's father. The nobleman thanked them for their courage, and promised to see to the child's behaviour before the next cycle. When HT31 awoke for work the next day, they discovered their employer had seconded them to the Imperial Guard, and that they were to report for conscription by noon. HT31 collectively snapped. They murdered the kid, along with his security team, and escaped downhive. Someday, they're going to come back, find the nobleman, and kill him, too.

Gang leader w/ bolt pistol, chainsword, grenades and an autopistol.
"Killing the kid was just the beginning. We’re armed, now, and we’re going to take what we want from downhive. Any of these defectives try to stop us, any of them think we’re soft, we show them what a man with nothing to lose looks like. What he looks like when he’s put his knife in your stomach. We won’t ever back down. We’re all dead men."

Heavy w/ flamer and shotgun. Combi-weapon actually made from a Cadian flamer and a 3rd ed. Gretchin autogun.
“You know what it feels like to break someone’s bones? Smash their face, stamp their ribs? Feels like everything’s been leading up to it, kid. Feels like coming home.”

Heavy w/ plasma gun.
“I learned containment fields when I was young. Plasma, las, refraction - all that crap. I should have been an electrotech. Instead I’m stupid enough to sign up for HT, and now I’m an outlaw. Well, now I have a plasma field right here. And I just can’t wait to cook something alive.”

Ganger w/ autogun, stubgun. Pointing finger looks weird because it's GSed.
“I had a child. I had a family. The day that bastard gave us to the Guard, he gave us a death sentence. Run or die. Either way, he knew I’d never see my baby boy again. We just made the feeling mutual. I don‘t think about my family; I‘m dead to them. They‘re dead to me. All I want to do is kill something.”

24-08-2009, 22:45
Ganger with shotgun. Torch made from a lasgun barrel and GS.
“Bitter? I fawned over that whelp for nine years. Fed him. Wiped up after him. Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty goddamn bitter. I’m bitter about how he’s not still alive, and screaming. We’re dead because of him. If I had my way, he’d never die. Just wish he had.”

Ganger with lasgun.
"What? No, I... I don't want to talk about it. He's dead, isn't he? Isn't that enough?"

Ganger with autogun.
"Uphive we had real amasec, real lho sticks, off-world meat... all within our reach. You just had to reach for it. We reached, yeah, right through that little wretch's heart. You seen Layla's lasgun? Real wood stock? Where'd you think that came from? She acts all remorse... but she laughed like the rest of us."

Ganger w/ bandolier of frag grenades, sword, stub pistol w/dum dum ammo.
"You give us your whiskey, old man, or we burn this place to the ground."

24-08-2009, 23:04
Juve w/ twin autopistols.
"Funny thing is, we opened up his test cages before we offed him. Them rats didn't look healthy. Weren't too happy either, by any account; one of them got a good bite in when Norrick held it to the kid's face. He treated us like animals, like those rats in his cages... see they loyalty animals have. Funny. I still laugh about it."

Juve w/ autopistol. Arm is from an origional Orlock plastic.
"Yeah, we got most of the weapons when we hit the security node. Those two were from uphive, real pikers they were. Don't feel sorry about what happened to them at all. You see that bolter? Came from the kid's room, that did. Berk must have figured he was a tough one. Showed him, we did."

And this is just a quick objective marker, a bomb made from Cadian bits.

Next up will be some Bretonnian Mordheim peasants.

Rabid Bunny 666
25-08-2009, 01:30
I like the little snippets of fluff, adds alot of character. The painting is a bit flat, but i can see you highlighted the cloth. One thing that could help is washes, a blakc wash over the grey and metal, red wash over the red, etc. It will add some shading to the colours and make them look a bit grimier like all hivers should :)

Apart from that, keep up the good work!

25-08-2009, 10:10
You're absolutely right, of course, washes would definately help. Looking at them it seems I underestimated the effect a white undercoat gives, especially on the weapons. Unfortunately such an up-close photo (courtesy of my brother and his enormous dslr) really highlights the flaws! Ta for the cc, I've got some stubble to be doing tonight so I'll get on with the washes at the same time.

25-08-2009, 13:10
Looking great! I Agree with Bunny about the washes - they'll really give depth to the models. The only other suggestion I have is to thin your paints a little more, as you seem to be losing a bit of the detailing of the sculpts - it's definately better to do a few thin coats of paint than one thick one or even a couple of only slightly thinned coats. Aside form that - they're looking great as your first models.

Loving the fluff, too - it really brings the characters to life! Great objective marker, too - keep it up and post more pics soon :)

Rabid Bunny 666
25-08-2009, 17:31
Just checked this again, the Flamer picture didn't work for me last night, but it looks suitably cool.

25-08-2009, 23:15
Very nice, love the color scheme, two tips that might help you:

Washes! They are wonder workers :)

and dilute your paint abit more, its abit thick right now!
cant wait to see more man!

29-08-2009, 14:46
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