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24-08-2009, 23:53
I am curious as to the viability of this list. What does everyone think?

Lords and Heroes
Vampire Lord – 455
- Level 3
- Dread Knight
- Red Fury
- Infinite Hatred
- Gem of Blood
- Book of Arkhan
- Blood Drinker
Vampire - 165
- Summon Ghouls
- Nightshroud
- Helm of Command
Vampire – 175
- Dread Knight
- Infinite Hatred
- Dispel Scroll
Wight King - 107
- Barded Steed
- Lance

x20 Ghouls – 168
- Ghast
x20 Zombies – 80
x20 Zombies – 80
x7 Dire Wolves – 56

x5 Black Knights – 207
- Champion/Standard
- Barding
- Standard of Strigos
x5 Black Knights – 217
- Champion/Standard
- Barding
- Banner of the Barrows

x4 Blood Knights - 315
- Standard
- Banner of Blood Keep
x4 Cairn Wraiths – 225
- Banshee

Total: 2,250
PD: 7 + 1 Bound Item
DD: 6 + 1 Dispel Scroll

The idea is to stick the ghoul summoning Vamp with the ghouls and anything he can raise on the three dice he has available to him is bonus. The rest of the Vamps can spend their time raising Zombies. Although magic isn't the main focus of this list.

25-08-2009, 01:41
Any Armour or combat gear on your lord? Also a BSB in this list would'nt go astray.

25-08-2009, 01:50
Wups, I forgot to add in Dread Knight. It's all fixed now. The Vamp Lord now has a 2+ AS, Lance, and the Gem of Blood as offense/defense. He also rides with the Blood Knights.

I would use a Wight King BSB instead of the current Wight King setup, but I do not have a model for it and don't have time to convert one up.

25-08-2009, 01:50
I don't believe the Wight King can take arcane items. A bsb would certainly help. Throw in another Cairn Wraith...With zombies as your core, your going to need those wraihs killing everything wih the Blood knights while the zombies just hold the line.

25-08-2009, 02:08
Do you think this is a viable list for a tournament? I could drop both dispel scrolls to add that Cairn Wraith (I moved them to the Vampire Dread Knight). With the lack of my magical defense though, I think those dispel scrolls are worth more than Wraith.

25-08-2009, 17:35

25-08-2009, 17:48
1. you can never take 2 arcane items w/ you like book of arkham and black periapt...
2. Ghoul is useless here becuz it cannot match speed of your army.
3. all cavarly list is risky becuz you cannot kill all units of enemy just in 1 charge... meanwhile your magic is weak. you know how much extent vampire depends on magic?
4. If you insist risky list, i d rather use lord on zombie dragon, gift w/ red fury, infinite hatred, dreadknight, magic item w/ dread lance, crown of damned(4+ws and stupid). have a try, dude.

25-08-2009, 21:21
I edited the list and added Blood Drinker for the loss of the Periapt and Scroll

26-08-2009, 01:25
Give your lord Walachs over the Blooddrinker. If he is taking wounds beyond what the gem can save him from, he is probably not going to see his next combat phase. This gives him the best defense possible without stupidity, and keeps him deadly on the charge.

I would drop the ghouls completely for zombies. They hold table corners quite well. Give every unit a musician that can take one. Drop the BK standard and Banner of the Blood keep, drop the wight king, and get a third unit of black knights. Slap a pair of scrolls, dread knight, and infinite hatred on both vanilla vamps and upgrade one to a BSB. Any extra points should go towards more dire wolves, bats, or getting the blood knights their expensive banner back (all of these options do basically the same thing).

This will give you 3 characters and 4 units of cavalry, plus some quarters holders and screens and an ethereal unit. A character in each black knights unit, with the BKs running solo, gives you 5 credible threats. Personally, I would just go all out and take a dragon-riding lord, but any combat-heavy VC build is going to be inferior to a magic-heavy build.