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25-08-2009, 07:41
After playing a few more games and still learning after each one of them my ideal army list keeps on changing and would like your opinions on how this list would do. Trying to make it friendly but good so that I should almost always have a chance to win a game.

Slann- 395 Points
Focus of Mystery/Becalming Cognition/BSB/Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
Got a 1 with cupped hands and 4 miscasts last game. Amazingly 2 wounds were suffered and thats it...ended my magic phase half the game though :cries:. Going to be playing 9 PD max and 10 DD max with my group of friends so no rumination
Skink Priest- 415 Points
Engine of the Gods/Level 2/Dispel Scroll
Burning alignment has been a godsend. Every game this guy gets the job done and is always an MVP. Once he destroyed a unit of blood knights and then some in one turn which turned a massacre into a draw for me :angel:
Saurus Warriors x15 – 210 Points
Spears + Full Command
Love the unit of 20 but costs too much I think. 15 Has done okay so far.
Saurus Warriors x15 – 210 Points
Spears + Full Command
Should make up for a good core
Skink Skirmishers x10 – 70 Points
Annoy things and soak up the hits. Always do good for me
Skink Skirmishers x10 – 70 Points
one unit of these guys just isn't enough
Temple Guard x16 – 277 Points
Standard + Musician
The bodyguards of the slann and an awesome anvil unit.
Terradons x3 – 90 Points
These guys have always done great for me. Love the tactical stuff you can do with them
Kroxigors x3 – 165 Points
Haven't tried them yet but the models are just too cool to pass up on
Ancient Stegadon – 275 Points
Haven't used a second stegadon in any games yet but 2 of these guys would be amazing
Salamander – 80 Points Hasn't done too much but my main opponent is VC so I can't tell too much from that. Should do good against other armies once I start playing at the local shop once I get 2250 pts
Extra Handler

Power Dice - 9
Dispel Dice - 6 + 1 Dispel Scroll
Total- 2257 Points

I'm not sure whether or not I should get chameleon skinks. I proxied them one game and they did pretty good and took out a unit of bloodletters which was worth it in my book. Not sure what to do about being 7 points over either. I was going to use 15 TG but added a 16th just for the looks on my unit trays to be honest. My cold ones have pretty much always underperformed but I could have used them a lot better but that stupid stupidity rule worries me, after miscasting about 5 times last game anything can happen. Also most of my 2k+ games have been 2v2s or 2 on 1s since my friends and me are still starting up, if that makes a difference.

25-08-2009, 13:27
Slann - looks good, though get Bane Head for him if you can. As well, a Warbanner would not be a bad choice. I prefer Soul of Stone over Cupped Hands but keep what you like. Becalming Cogitation is always a good choice for a Slann

Skink Priest on Engine - looks good. Only thing I'd say is if it fits your gaming area, take diadem or another scroll

Saurus Warriors - if you are taking temple guard, you probably only need one unit of these guys. This would allow you to fill one unit up to 20 if you like. Either that or make the saurus warrior units 18 man (6x3)

Skinks - HUZZAH!!

Temple Guard - fun fun! Only thing I can think of is, if you can find the points toss Plaque of Dominion on them. Either that or give the Revered Guardian Sword of the Hornet or Venom of the Firefly Frog just for fun.

Terradons - up the unit to 4 man if possible is my only recommendation

Kroxigor - I've seen a few of the newer lists sporting these guys, I'm sure they'll be fine. I've yet to use units of Kroxigor since the new book came out, though I always used at least 1 unit of 4 previously.

Ancient Stegadon - always good

Salamander - Only thing I'd suggest is drop the extra handler. If you can find the points make it a unit of 2 or 3 salamanders instead.

25-08-2009, 17:57
i prefer using 2 kroxigors and 17skinks full cmd mixed units.

As for TG, i ll get 21... and jaguar std.

Slann is kool, but this list i dont think you should take cupped hands, i d rather take plaque of dominion, bane head and war banner of cuz.

Terradon, another mvp after eog, you could take 2 units 4 each. then you ll feel easy to kill enemy's nasty warmachine.

1 eog and 1 ancient stegadon? no, of cuz 2 eog. 1 priest w/2+ ws one use only and the other takes 5+ws.

salamander i recommend to use just 1 model, that will be nasty against fast calvary.

All above is just my private opinion, you could have a try.

25-08-2009, 17:58
hmm, 2250, u could abandon the saurus warriors becuz you already have more powerful TG...