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25-08-2009, 12:06
i was wondering if this was a viable tactic.

say i have a unit of marauders, i deploy the unit 20 man wide and 1 man deep.
you now have a long line of marauders(woopy!)
then you get an exalted champion with the banner of the gods that confers stubborn to any unit within 6".
you now have a 20 wide stubborn line of marauders,equip them with the mark of nurgle vs shooting and youre guarenteed to have a screen to hide the rest of youre army behind.

deploy youre fast units and chariots on the very edges of the marauder screen to swoop round and charge into flanks.

get lords on discs to fly over the screen when it hits.
or if needed flee a charge with the marauders so that the enemy fails theirs and you can counter with chaos warriors hidden behind the screen.

where to put the exalted with the banner??
in a chaos warrior unit 6" behind the marauders.

anyhow cheers and thanks for the thought

25-08-2009, 12:42
You're severely limiting your movement by placing everything behind M4 infantry, if the opponent gets a unit of fliers behind them you've now moving 4" a turn. Hills will be able to shoot over them. Nice idea but the unit still dies in droves, also you're more likely to want to get into combat than the opponent so they might as well just ignore it and shoot down other things, engage it in combat and let it block a large chunk of your force.

Slaanesh would be best for immune to fear/panic/terror.

25-08-2009, 12:51
i see.
i thought about that.
but say i used this tactic in a 1000 pts game.
i expect to see less shooting troops, flyers etc etc.

i'll give you my 1000 pts list so you can see if this tactic works with the list i have.

-mengil manhides manflayers(mengil and 5 flayers)
-exalted hero,banner of the gods,halberd,chaos steed
-exalted hero,additonal hand weapon,mok,chaos steed
-20 marauders
-10 marauders,mok,gw
-10 chaos warriors,halberd,shield

mengil takes out any pesky artillery as fast as possible(he's capable of 18 posing shots a turn) then goes on the hunt for unit flanks when the main force arrives

exalted hero with banner goes into the chaos warriors,he gets a horse so he can manouvre to wherever he is needed most.he can also chase of any fast units or flyers that get around my line

exalted hero with mok goes into marauder unit with mok as to do some more damage, he gets a horse so he can chase of any fast units or flyers that like you said can get around my line.

the 20 marauders set up as i explained before.

i think this force is small but deadly.
the big downside i see is the killing of the banner of the gods bearer.
well on the pluss side, if i know my oponent wants him dead badly i can counter accordingly.

i hope this helps

Von Wibble
25-08-2009, 12:59
I find in small games there are no less shooting troops. The reason is simple - on most battlefields you can only reasonably deploy 2-3 small units of missile troops and expect them to shoot reliably. Since such a core can be fitted into 1000pts without compromising the rest of your list, it does. Then in larger games there is no point in buying more troops suince they won't have los and will just block / be blocked by the rest of your army.

I have to agree with endlessbug. My tomb kings in particular would love a go at this list (and TK are seen as underpowered without a lord choice)

Final point - stubborn doesn't help against fear causers. Without a rank bonus there is a good chance you will lose combat and have to flee.

The Red Scourge
25-08-2009, 13:01
Well, theres nothing to stop an opponent from putting a unit of fliers behind a WoC army anyways, the only defense you have against this is sorcerors.

And marauder meatshields are cheap. For added speed, you could use warhounds and end the move by a turn maneuver - you now got a 1000 mm line instead of just 400 mm moving at 10.5" per turn instead of 8" :D

WoC is about sacrificing the weak to protect the strong after all - and Khorne really doesn't care, who his skull and blood sacrifices come from :evilgrin:

25-08-2009, 13:33
Mate that BSB with the Banner of the Gods is gonna cost you 260pts without giving him a Mark, or any equipment options. Thats a heck of a big portion of your 1000pts, and you still have to take another character for your General. Even going cheap for him, thats going to creep up towards 400pts and possibly closer to 450pts for both. Remember too that your army while stubborn will only have a Leadership of 8.

It might be worth a crack with a 2000pt army, as those 20 marauders are pretty cheap, but remember if they flee thru your troops they will be testing panic on Ld 8, and being stubborn won't help. MoS might be in order for this tactic.

25-08-2009, 14:50
LemanRuss - you put a mounted frenzied character in an infantry unit? You know he'll just be lured out by a unit standing 9 - 14" from the marauder block then get spanked by himself?

On the fliers behind your line - they only need to be 8" from that 20 long line of marauders to effectively march block your entire army. They don't need to be anywhere near your other units to stop them being able to use their full movement by slowing down the unit in front.

In fact you could put a unit of fast cav 5" in front of the marauders each turn and feign flight, rinse and repeat. Assuming you get first turn your lines will have moved a maximum of 28" and there's nothing you can do about it.

While your lines are moving at a ridiculous rate the opponents shooting/magic kills Mengil and his manflayers, any units on the hill can then kill the small unit of marauders/warriors behind and grab himself a victory with very little effort.

I understand what you're trying to do but with a slow combat orientated army as WoC is you're causing yourself more problems than you'll cure.

25-08-2009, 14:50
I'd give them mark of slanech if you going to use it at all.
skinks would have you for breckfast, as would a vollygun/organ gun/ burning head to the flank (18 inchers of killing marruders on 3s) and though I hate it, gate way would cause you problems aswell

I'd scrap it compleatly, might just work at 1000 points, but at 1500 you will just die, I'd be combi chargeing you with a giant, 5 knights and dragon ogers and don't need to kill anything to outnumber you by a fear (and terror) casuing enermy (I'm unit streanth 26)

25-08-2009, 16:42
hmm well that leaves me in a pickle.
i want to do a infantry warriors of chaos list.

do any of you have any tips on how to accomplish this?

the things allowed in my 1000 pts army.

-exalted hero's
-chaos warriors
-dragon ogres

+ mengil is a must


25-08-2009, 16:46
erm, well I run an 1/2 infantry/cavalry list at 1000 points

maybe change it slightly to suit you

level 2 of nurgle with puppet
exalted with axe of khone and favour of gods
20-25 (can't rember exaclty how many don't have list with me) marrauders with hand weapon and shield and light armour and musicion and standard (4/5x5)
5 marrauders horsemen with throwing axes and muscian

5 knights of nurgle

all 3 caracters in marrauder unit