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25-08-2009, 18:14
hey everybody, i've posted my vampire list before, but in my next few games i'll be testing out a new one, and i wanted your advice on it.

it's pretty standard combat vampire semi-deathstar but not to the point of being a cheddarfest.

or so i think.

tell me if i'm wrong, or tell me anything you feel compelled to.

all advice is massively appreciated, guys.

vampire lord w/ avatar of death, infinite hatred, supernatural horror, walking death, cadaverous cuirass, crown of the damned, the cursed book, dispel scroll, great weapon (goes in the regen grave guard unit)

vampire w/ avatar of death, infinite hatred, flayed hauberk, gem of blood, great weapon(goes in a skeleton unit)

vampire w/ avatar of death, dark acolyte, sword of battle, book of arkhan, shield(goes in a skeleton unit)

wight king w/ bsb, drakenhof banner, lance, shield, barded skeletal steed (goes in the grave guard unit, accompanying the lord)

skeletons x 19 w/ full command

skeletons x 19 w/ full command

zombies x 20

dire wolves x 5

dire wolves x 5

grave guard x 14 w/ full command, great weapons, banner of the barrows

black knights x 5 w/ full command, royal standard of strigos

blood knights w/ standard, musician

regen-having, faceraping, great-weapon-toting-vampire-lord-led, 5-static-combat-resolution, terror-causing, pissed-off grave guard deathstar ftw.

25-08-2009, 21:18
Killing Blow will be your bane here, beware Dark elves and both Chaos armies.

25-08-2009, 22:35
in the list i usually run, the lord has the flayed hauberk instead of the cadaverous cuirass, so killing blow is considerably scarier hahaha.

i'll definitely watch out for those axe of khorne toting dudes though, thanks for the advice man

26-08-2009, 01:17
Any way to fit a corpse cart in there? HAving ASF on your GW Lord can come in handy.

27-08-2009, 06:25

i've always sort of overlooked corpse carts, but everyone seems to tell me that they're always worth taking. mayhaps i'll find a way to throw one in there.

any more suggestions everybody??

Wolf 11x
27-08-2009, 16:23
Do you have success with your Blood Knights? How often you are baited due to frenzy?

What purpose do the 20 zombies serve?

How many total PD are you talking? This list seems lacking in magic compared to what VC are capable of.

28-08-2009, 07:37
i've used them in every single game 2000 points and up i've ever played, and more often than not they do me proud.

i've only been truly baited around once, by a dwarf gyrocopter.

the other times they may not have charged what i planned on them charging, but they caused mass carnage regardless.

that or they take an unavoidable bolt in the flank from a bolt thrower on a hill.

i strongly suggest using them if you know what you're doing and know how to screen them with wolves.

the 20 zombies are to raise to an even larger size in the first turns of the game, and then to tarpit things i don't want to deal with at the time.

phenomenally cheap for how many turns you can tie enemies up for, and chances are it'll give me time to hit the zombie-engaged unit in the flank.

magic spamming vc is for pussies. i've always been a fan of fighty-as-hell blood dragon vampires, and all of my lists have been blood-dragon themed.

i find that bringing a non overpowered but still competitive army, with more than one effective strategy is infinitely more fun to play with than just raising skeleton units to sizes so large you win by points denial alone.