View Full Version : EOTG/Large targets/multiple WOC characters

25-08-2009, 19:22
what happens when a unit containing 2 or more WOC caracters runs down a large target, thus killing it and getting the EOTH table roll?

do both/all caracter get it?

25-08-2009, 19:44
I would say that, as you cannot determine who did the damage, one roll randomised between the 2 seems fairest.

By strict RAW it is probably both however.

25-08-2009, 20:04
The FAQ says that a character in a unit that runs down a fleeing large target gets it, no reason why multiple characters wouldn't get it. It's not like it's that important though, taking multiple characters in one combat unit is not an advisable tactic for WoC, an occasional extra roll on the EotG table certainly won't outweigh the disadvantages of playing that way.

Necromancy Black
26-08-2009, 00:11
Obviously the most fluffy solution is they instantly start battling to the death. The winner gets then two rolls on the EotG.

But back to RAW, I guess this means with a warshrine around the unit champion would also get to roll then.