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Citizen Lame
25-08-2009, 20:45
So I just wondered how people ended up getting into the hobby and finding people to play games with on a regular basis.

I've been collecting Tyranids and delved into a few other armies here and there but I don't actually know anyone who plays warhammer or collects miniatures. None of my friends are into it. So I just wondered how other people got in with people who play the game regularly. :)

25-08-2009, 21:46
Well, a good place would either be a local independent retailer, or a GW store.
You can also try looking on the internet for clubs in your neighbourhood.

25-08-2009, 22:04
I would avoid shops, they after all want to sell stuff. A club for me, every time.

And of course we are here. Me, gaming for 38 years now.

25-08-2009, 22:41
Depends on the shop, really.
When I started, GW didn't have any stores here - we only had our independant stores.
One of them is still around and going strong - they are a games shop run by gamers.

I tend to avoid GW stores, though. I'm not a fan of the 'hard sell' and as I also have a selection of non-GW models in various armies, I doubt I'd get to play with them in there.

I was already a gamer when I discovered GW stuff (played 20-25mm WW2 and modern), but I was reading 'military SF' and discovered the Rogue Trader rulebook in a store and had a flick through it. Here was a thing that combined miniatures with a militaristic SF background. All of my favourite books had "influences" in that book.

From that point I was in.

Brother Loki
26-08-2009, 11:52
What part of the world are you in? That may make a big difference - in the UK there are a lot of gaming clubs for instance, while in the US it seems that its more common to game in shops.

I got into it and then showed some of my friends who got interested, and then we used to play in lunchtimes at school. That was back in the '80s though.

Some club-finding resources (mostly for the UK):
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/storelocator/search.jsp (also lists GCN registered clubs)
http://www.wargames.co.uk/cgi-bin/Clubs/clubs.htm (more historical gaming oriented I think but probably has some GW clubs)

Hope that helps


26-08-2009, 15:34
The internet is your friend. Scour the internet for a club near you. Most 40k (as you collect Tyranids I presume this is the game you want to play) forums have somewhere you can post up that you are looking for a game, and don't forget to post up your geographical location. Use them! Also, don't be afraid to PM someone you happen to spot from their sig or profile that lives near you, they can at least tell you where they play.

Find a store near you and ask the staff if they know of somewhere local you can play. You could even ask a customer.

Be polite and don't be shy, and you will find most gamers are a friendly bunch willing to lend a helping hand. For instance if you'd posted up here where abouts you are located, you'd have probably had a couple of responses already!

If you are old enough and have the space, you could also do what I did: stick a poster up in the local shops and start a club of your own!

Citizen Lame
26-08-2009, 18:47
Thanks for the info guys, I genuinely appreciate it. I'm In Doncaster in South Yorkshire but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any gaming clubs in the area. I'll probably try the GW in the town centre and try and meet some guys there maybe.

26-08-2009, 19:29
Here you go, a couple in Doncaster


27-08-2009, 02:41
Independant stockists sometimes offer discounts that you won't get in gw stores as an aside from the general gist of your thread. I go to one that offers ten percent off - it must have saved me heaps over time.

27-08-2009, 07:03
Indeed and I find eBay even cheaper.

Citizen Lame
27-08-2009, 16:55
Zedeyejoe, thanks a lot for the link there, emailed the 2 gaming clubs for some more information.

And as for alternatives to buying from GW, Maelstrom games is a very good site.

27-08-2009, 17:31
Absolutely and you will get what you want, when you want it. But with time and patience, I get what I want for the price I am prepared to pay on eBay (50-75% discount off retail price).

27-08-2009, 23:33
I would totally recommend the GW in Doncaster. The staff are very helpful and enthusiastic but not over pushy. The gamers in the main are a great bunch. Thursday is the late night till 9pm. I know a lot of the guys at the shop go to a local club on Mondays which unfortunately is a bad night for me:(
I visit a couple of times a week at least, decent age range of players also.
Feel free to pm me if you want any more information.