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25-08-2009, 20:56
Hello! Here is my general log. I already have a 40k log so I thought I'd give some general figures a go. Here's the link to my 40k log if anyones interested.http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181076

First up, Griff. I really liked him until I took those damned macro photos. I hate macro, it shows up every little problem on the model.


25-08-2009, 22:56
looks really good, especially the freehand on the eyes and the stripes. when do we see some sculpting?

26-08-2009, 17:20
That's amazing! The metal painting you've done there is brilliant. And yes, macro settings do have that annoying habit of revealing every little problem.
Keep it up,

26-08-2009, 18:39
Good job mate, he's looking great. The freehands are nicely done. I think the face could use brightened a little around the eyes to make it stand out a bit more but otherwise, nice job.

The macro setting is actually really helpful, I find, for spotting any little mistakes or areas that look wrong. One of the reasons I take lots of stage by stage pics.

Looking forward to more.



26-08-2009, 22:01
when do we see some sculpting?

As soon as I learn how. My only experience with GS so far is gap filling.

I think the face could use brightened a little around the eyes to make it stand out a bit more but otherwise, nice job.

Thanks for that. I've given the eyes an extra two layers of highlight. Pics tomorrow.

That's amazing!

I thank you.

29-08-2009, 15:45
I'm moving this thread to the new Random Project Logs Forum.


29-08-2009, 17:22
Just back from the Irish 'National Painting Competition' in the Dublin store. Griff here won first prize in the Open catagory. Hooray! Thanks to CMDante for the advice and for the fact that you worked on your project log at exactly the same time that I was painting mine, lots of good inspiration in there.

09-09-2009, 20:42
More utter randomness. First my men of Gondor. They are as generic as generic can be. They are about 2/3 of the way finished. Armour has to be highlighted and bases done etc. I lost interest in LoTR will trying to work my way through these guys. A few comments might get me back on track.


And the randomest of the random. My first ever, and so far only, almost completed fantasy unit. I bought these the same month that the Black Gobbo issue of White Dwarf came out. Does that make it 1997? Anyway, two years ago I found them again, stripped the paint and did my best to repair the broken pikes. Now I'm about half way through painting them. I just can't get into a rythm with fantasy minis.


Pardon the wonky photo.

Obviously all of the above wasn't painted to the same standard as Griff.

12-09-2009, 10:31
The pikemen and Gondorians look really nice mate! 1997 sounds about right for that issue.

I particularly like the pelts on the pikemen, very well executed. The base edges could maybe be tidied up a bit with some more brown though, they detract a bit by being a little scruffy.

For the Gondorians, they look very fitting for LOTR (muted and realistic), but I can't help but think the straps would benefit from being dark brown and the swords could use a couple of extra highlights to make the metal brighter than their armour. Just two little things that would add more visual interest.

The odd blood effect on some blades could also be a good way to make them pop a little more?



29-10-2009, 18:52
please finish the pikemen !!!!!!!!!