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26-08-2009, 00:27
Below is the list of the units I am thinking about running with the army I currently have. I was running the sorcerer as Festus but I need some Dispel Scrolls for now. I was melted by metal magic. I started with the battalion and a Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer.

Should I run a Gift of Chaos on the Sorcerer? Should I run the Sorcerer with the Chaos Marauders for bunker protection?

General 190
Chaos Sorcerer 85
Upgrade to a Level 2 Wizard 35
Dispel Scrolls (x2) 50
Mark of Nurgle 20

Core Unit 252
Chaos Warriors (x12) 180
Shields 12
Mark of Nurgle 30
Champion 12
Musician 6
Standard Bearer 12

Core Unit 150
Chaos Marauders (x20) 80
Flails 20
Mark of Khorne 30
Champion 8
Musician 4
Standard Bearer 8

Special Unit 315
Chaos Knights (x5) 200
Mark of Nurgle 30
Champion 20
Musician 10
Standard Bearer 20
Banner of Rage 35

Other Unit 30
Chaos Warhounds (x5) 30

Other Unit 30
Chaos Warhounds (x5) 30



Hero 260 (will run with Chaos Knights)
Exalted Hero 110
Juggarnaut 50
Mark of Khorne 30
Axe of Khorne 45
Fury of the Blood God 20
Shield 5

Sorcerers, Chariot, and maybe another unit of Chaos Warriors.

26-08-2009, 01:32
Looks alright to me although a few suggestions on the composition:

Warriors: Drop two of the unit, run them in a 5x2 formation. Depending on who you are fighting, drop the MoN, i see it as pointless against everything except archer heavy Wood Elves or Dwarf gunlines. If you do come up against ranged units shield them with Warhounds or a small unit of Marauders.

Knights: Again, the MoN seems like 20pts wasted due to their extremely high save already. Also the banner of rage is going to get your Knights in trouble, they will go charging off across the battlefield and be at risk of being flanked or baited into charging weak units not worthy of their attention.

Marauders: Drop the MoK. Another waste of points IMHO that could be spent elsewhere.

If you dropped the marks on the units mentioned above you would have 105 points to spare which could get you another unit of Marauders or even Marauder Horsemen which would bring your numbers up and give you the ability to support your Knights and Warhounds.

Hope I've been some help :)


26-08-2009, 08:59
Heres the thing about Chaos Knights......they are bloody Chaos Knights!
5 horses - on average hitting on 3's, wounding on 3's
5 Knights, again on 3's and then 2's - with 2 attacks each

Your throwing out so many attacks! At best the enemy has 3 ranks, outnumber, standard - for +5

You got 15 attacks, of which 10 will hit, from which 6 will cause kills - on average run.
And used properly on flanks they lose the 3 ranks.......

So command wont do anything for them except eat up lots of points - and you stand the chance of losing their standard in combat (hey it's happened! the time comes during the game when they have lost some of their fellow knights in combat and they just cant dish the pain no more).

For the maraduers handweapon/shiled/light armour will give them semi-decent 4+ save and make them stick around. Park the mage in this unit - it aint going nowhere. Give them a mark of slaanesh - cheapest one you can get - and they are now immune to lots of phy. tests without being immune to it - so you can flee as a charge reaction.

With the points saved grab some marauder horse - no command - and try to squeeze in more units of 5 strong hounds to get more units on the table that will harras and annoy the enemy

Hope it helps

26-08-2009, 16:12
Don't use any unitchampions unless the unit is a magebunker. No matter if it's knights, warriors or marauders, unitchampions are always a horrible price to pay for just one extra attack.

I'm not saying it's a good idea, but you could experiment MoT instead of MoN. Might be usefull for some flat survivability when you're not facing shooty armies. 17 % to survive anything sounds pretty ok to me.