View Full Version : Two Eldar-inspired pictures

11-01-2006, 17:32
One done with black watercolour paint, the other with coloured pencils.



11-01-2006, 17:35
Eldar, with an anime look, not bad

11-01-2006, 17:37
they're pretty cool, cant say that i like the whole anime buzz but they are very well executed and the rednering is spot on.

good job

11-01-2006, 17:53
The first one really doenst feel to anime-esque, except the head, which kind of threw me off, because I love the rest of the piece.

The second feels more anime, by far.

Well done on both, I love the first, but I am obsessed with ink drawings ;)

11-01-2006, 20:05
Some great pics there. They're both well rendered too.

Lady's Champion
12-01-2006, 20:02
Love it entirely

Ivan Stupidor
12-01-2006, 20:41
Hrm. They're not showing up for me (which is odd, as the rest of your galley shows up).

13-01-2006, 00:14
Cyel, "Mourning Banshee" is now my desktop wallpaper. Awesome work!

*wanders off grumbling about having to compliment pointy-ears*

:p :angel:

13-01-2006, 02:58
Overall pretty good. The warrior girl seems to be leaning a bit. Otherwise nothing other than some nitpicking on my part. :p
Biggest nitpick about the two warriors: could use a more dynamic angle as there's a bit too much profile going on which creates some flatness in sillouette. More important is it needs to be cropped/arranged more to center them in the image which is an easy fix.


19-01-2006, 01:13
excellent composition, loved the pointy ears, no one thinks of it behind a helmet. adds to the alien feel of eldar, i am also huge anime fan and really liked the touch.

19-01-2006, 01:40
Honestly? The first one looks like you drew a 40k picture, then pasted on the head from a completely different drawing. My gripes about mixing manga into everything (and particularly gothic futurism in particular) aside, the contrast between the heavily shadowed armour and the two dimentional flat anime face is too stark.

Other than that, it's all good.

27-01-2006, 11:43
Really nicely done. I love the anima style, for some reason it just works.
I don't nick pick beacuse I want to see more.
I find by doing more work you work out the problems for your self.