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26-08-2009, 13:23
Lately I have been playing with my only Goblin army and have been thinking of the awesome and entertaining builds for characters and armies, as well as great tactical maneuvers. Anybody have any cool ideas? Please keep this Gobos only, because Goblins are way cooler than Orks.

26-08-2009, 13:53
Please keep this Gobos only, because Goblins are way cooler than Orks.

By saying this you are already limiting yourself drastically and will always suffer from leadership issues, with you only help being to take the special character Skarsnik.

Other than that the tactics are number numbers and more numbers. Cheap throw away units in the front and units with fanatics in the back.

Lots of warmachines, lots of magic, go get em.

26-08-2009, 14:11
here's a great article from Kevin Coleman who plays all goblin lists

26-08-2009, 14:59
That article was very informative and gave me alot of ideas for dirty tricks for my next game with Goblins.

Do not underestimate the capability of squig hoppers. Potential 24" movement in the compulsive mvmnt phase, immune to psych and several attacks makes for a good shock unit. This combined with the squig herder bomb and some fanatic startegy and your opponent is going to take alot of damage apart from combat.


26-08-2009, 20:34
I'd be careful of many of the dirty tricks at the end of the article by GW staffers (i.e. not by Kev C). A couple of them are illegal.

- there is no reason sneaky skewer would be -5 saves on the charge (its not a spear or anything!)
- characters may not join squigs

Otherwise its a really nice article, it is a great perspective on using cheap block based forces effectively.

Does anyone know what formations Kev would deploy his blocks in?

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
26-08-2009, 22:38
He uses them 7*7 for his big block of 49 and 6*6 for his unit from 36.

I play for the rest of the year with full gobbos, my orcs are punished after completly messing up a few battles. I load up on chariots, I will field between 4 or 5 of them, most of the time my characters are also on top of it.

Recently I also started using more fanatic's between 9 and 12

I will type a longer post tommorow cause I'm rather tired now.