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Time of Madness
27-08-2009, 02:34
Highly themed, but not overly flexible. Still should be fun to play.

Vampire Lord (General)
- Balefire Spike
- Bloody Hauberk
- Dread Knight
- Infinite Hatred
- Red Fury
= 360pts

Vampire (BSB)
- Sword of Might
- Flayed Hauberk
- Infinite hatred
- Walking Death
= 215pts

- Sword of Battle
- Gem of Blood
- Avatar of Death (shield)
- Infinite Hatred
= 185pts


24 Skeletons
***BSB here***
- Full Command
- Warbanner
= 237pts

24 Skeletons
***Vamp here***
- Full Command
- Banner of Hellfire
= 222pts

21 Skeletons
- Full Command
= 188pts

5 Dire Wolves
= 40pts

5 Dire Wolves
= 40pts


5 Black Knights
***Vamp Lord here***
- Standard
- Barding
- Banner of dead legion
= 181pts


5 Blood Knights
- Standard
- Banner of Strigos
= 330pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1998pts

Anyone like it?

Anyone have some ideas to make it a bit better, but still sticking to the theme?

I've thought about dropping the 3 unit of skellies down to the minimum 10 and putting the rest of the points into some more wolves.

Time of Madness

27-08-2009, 03:27
I would say wights are suitably in-theme for blood dragons.

To this end, I would swap the AoD vamp for a wight king with the sword of kings and gem of blood. A little more variety, and quite capable of stopping opposing characters in a suitably blood-knighty manner.