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11-01-2006, 22:10
Most of this isn't really any good, but if you feel like reading and commenting, be my guest. I'm mainly looking to improve my writing, so feedback is indeed welcome.
I'll post each individual poem in a seperate post, in chronological order from older to more recent.

Enjoy. :)


The day before I felt like mould;
The wet sneezing from a cold,
The ugly girl on the centrefold.
Like the punchline that came way too late,
Like the caviar my goldfish ate.

Today I woke up feeling small;
The weakest brick in a failing wall,
The one who's always missed his call.
Like the man who wonít be crowned as king,
Like the notes I oh so falsly sing.

Tomorrow Iíll await a change of pace;
The rebirth of my saving grace,
A burst of passion in-your-face.
Like the Don Juan the ladies shun,
Like a bullet from a golden gun.

11-01-2006, 22:10

There are no longer questions here,
No answers to the numbing ache.
There's only doubt and senseless fear,
The better day has yet to break.

The light will always cast a shadow,
Darker then the deepest pit.
Although in essence just as hollow,
Screams of sorrow echo in it.

The rain just won't stop coming down,
Crashing harder as I ponder.
In it's wake the good men drown,
Why they've failed is what they wonder.

Yet something rushes through my mind,
What it is, I can't see clearly.
A feeling distant yet so kind,
In my silence hold it dearly.

11-01-2006, 22:11

There’s a big fat world out there
An awesome theatre we see
Just don’t ask me when or where
I’ve been told the ticket’s free

So vast and beautiful this place
A gripping show of sight and sound
The story told at breakneck pace
On the stage a goal I found

As the critics may have guessed
My script involved a love-affair
The fairest maiden worth the quest
Despite the odds I took the dare

My part in her play was only short
And in a blink my curtain fell
A broken love-story of sort
Her painful encore broke the spell

I’ve had a glimpse of what could be
And it was marvellous for fact
Still so much we have to see
Applauding till the final act

11-01-2006, 22:15

Your body was a luscious shrine
Inside it burned the holy fire
I ate the bread and drank the wine
Listened to the humming choir

We sought redemption in His grace
Untold lifetimes worth of prayer
My answer’s written in your face
Just below that flawless layer

What is the meaning of this life
The common goal He promised us
Deliverance is turned to strife
Is His acceptance worth the fuss?

Yet in your church I saw the light!
Saints and sinners gathered ‘round
To worship God’s redeeming might;
The power of love two people found

13-01-2006, 22:44
# 5:

Love breaks just like friendship mends
'Cause in faith's path we choose our sides
You stuck with me through tricky bends
You did, my friend in highest tides

A beacon in my darkest hour
A touch of sweet when things got sour.

You listened to my sobbing tales
When all the world was deaf to hear
When none cared for heartbroken wails
You lay it down, offered an ear

We give our thanks where it is due
Thus here today I say to you;

When life throws you a curveball
Rely on me to be your shoulder
And I would gladly give my all
I am your rock ‘till grey and older

You’ve been a friend, and are, indeed
To you my friend, I say, Godspeed...