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hlaine larkin
27-08-2009, 17:13
okay guys- im doing an elysian list and im gonna use solomon lok as a senior officer,now what kinda troops would make up an inquisitor lords retinue? or if anyone knows his i need model rep for a medic, banner,master vox and a veteran 2 bodyguards then im gonna put in regimental advisors

27-08-2009, 23:33
You know lok wears Artificer armour right? bit hard to pass off as carapace...
I'm also putting together an elysian army featuring Lok, I think it would be best just to use him as an Inquisitor.

hlaine larkin
27-08-2009, 23:35
i had an idea with mine im gonna make him a lord inquisitor- its just very decorational armour :D mostly hidden under robes so its all okay :P

but yeah im trying to trade for some elysians atm but theo ne guy i have seen with some isnt responding to pm atm so mine is on hold for a bit-cos i need about 360 of elysians + 4 valkyries for 1500 lol :D

The Judge
28-08-2009, 00:02
Vox-caster could use the model holding a loud hailer (or something similar), an acolyte reading from devotional texts. Medic could use the chirurgeon model, as most Inquisitors tend to have a trained medic with them.

The banner bearer could be a model carrying a holy relic, such as a servitor or another acolyte. Bodyguards would be slightly harder, and could easily be represented by either guard veterans, converted crusaders or combat servitors.

Nice idea anyway!

hlaine larkin
28-08-2009, 00:13
thats not a bad idea at all but im not sure how to do my army now lol :D cos reading up on the lil data there is on lok he was essentially there as the sole rep of the inquisition so what i might do is thus-

there is recorded to be with him wassily his adjutant essentially- so im gonna use him as master of the fleet- messages and so on, then there was his astropath who had a name i forgot- he will be an astropath believe it or not :P then there is his servo skull who i will most likely have repping master of ordnance- representing by the servo skull wrting down all the co ordinates needed and then they would be passed on via vox- this way i have his 3 mentioned retinue and he himself will be a lord commisar i think- stats more deserving of him, and i like the idea of him and his retinue tagging onto the command squad :D what do you think?

28-08-2009, 03:05
Sounds good! nice way to use his retinue as wall, very clever.

hlaine larkin
28-08-2009, 08:48
thank you now i just need the models and for that i need some money.. time to rob as bank.