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27-08-2009, 23:42
Going for a combined arms approach where the power is equally spread between magic, cc and shooting.

Here goes:

Archmage - silver wand, ring of fury, 2xdscroll - 350
Mage - seerstaff, power stone - 185
Noble, bsb, radiant gem, dragon armour, barded steed, halberd - 181

10 Archers - 110
10 Archers - 110
3 RBT - 300

1 Eagle - 50

18 PG, full command, Banner of Sorcery - 350
7 Swordmasters - 105
5 Dragon Princes - 150

With about 100 points left I'm thinking of filling some "gaps" - for example including a stdbearer in dp unit with either War Banner or Standard of Balance, equipping the PG champ with dragonhorn or amulet of light etc. Other thoughts include getting a bladelord with Talisman of Loec, I could potentially swap an RBT for another eagle, but atm I prefer raw shooting power. Swapping Radiant Gem of Hoeth for the Reaver Bow is also a viable option. Apart from that, I think I'm fiairly safe this is what I'll do.

C&C appreciated

28-08-2009, 00:36
When fielding this kind of list at tournaments you should always field Teclis if permitted. A quick comparison between Teclis and your current magical setup will justify this advice.

Current magical set up:

Points: 630 (including Banner of Sorcery, Radiant Gem of Hoeth),
PD: 10-12, average 11,
DD: 6,
DS: 2
Extras: Can choose 3 different laws, Archmage knows 5 spells, Mage can choose his spells,
Considerations: Assuming 2 PD for BoS you have 11 PD overall per magic phase, ideally you want to be getting off a 3 PD and a 4 PD spell with your Archmage and a 3 PD spell with your mage - that leaves 1 PD for your Mage Knight, not great. Considering also he is your BSB you should be using up his magical allowance on either protection or one of the very nice magical banners the High Elves have access to.


Points: 525! (including Banner of Sorcery),
PD: 8-12, average 10,
DD: 5-7, average 6,
DS: 1
Extras: Teclis knows all the spells from the law he chooses, any spell cast with a double with the exception of double 1 is cast with irresistable force, he may ignore the effects of his first miscast per magic phase, DS has a chance of destroying the spell it dispels.
Considerations: Assuming 2 PD for BoS you have 10 PD overall per magic phase allowing Teclis to cast two 3 PD spells and one 4 PD spell. Noble can be given protection or magical banner.

You now have roughly 200 points to play about with and one of the best magical attacks in the game. Your fire base is good and compliments the magic well. I personally wouldn't mount your BSB as he only has 5 Dragon Princes to ride with - a pretty fragile unit. Put him on foot, get another block of infantry, either Sword Masters or White Lions, at least 15 strong and spend the rest on supporting units.

Your list colud look something like this:

Teclis: 475
Noble: BSB, Armour of Caleor, Guardian Phoenix, Great Weapon: 168

10 Archers: 110
10 Archers: 110

18 Phoenix Guard: Standard, Musician, BoS: 338
15 Sword Masters: FC: 255
5 Dragon Princes: 150
Lion Chariot: 140

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers: 200
Eagle: 50

Total : 1996

I loved playing this kind of list when I used to play with High Elves.

28-08-2009, 01:01
I like the list but agree with TotS, in almost every case Teclis is a better choice than the regular Lvl4.

But back to your list:

-If you intend to put your bsb with the princes they need a champion, otherwise he's to vulnerable to challenges.
-You are a little short on support units, since there are no rare slots available either some reavers or shadow warriors would be nice (i feel inclined towards the reavers since your archers can deal with missile units threatening them)
-Im not sure about the sword masters, WL seem like a better choice for a small support unit.

Good luck

28-08-2009, 01:16
As an amateur mathematician I decided to do a quick analysis of the likelyhood of Teclis casting a spell with irresistable force when rolling a certain number of PD. (:wtf: I know a little sad lol).


2 PD = 14%
3 PD = 37%
4 PD = 60%
5 PD = 76%

I guess what this illustrates is that if you really want a spell to go off you can give it a 3 in 4 chance of doing so. Pretty good considering relatively how unpredictable the magic phase is!

28-08-2009, 16:31
Teclis is out of the question - no special chars (sorry for not posting this in the original post).

As for DP champ, yes I need him :P I will give him Dragonhorn for that crucial oneturn rerolls - with all these small units I need to be able to increase my chances of getting my psych tests off.

I will not include WL's over SM's. They fare worse against everything barring monsters. If anything, I could use them instead of PG as an anvil, but the 4+ ward is just too good to give up imo.

I don't really care much for support units, I find neither reavers nor shadow warriors do much.

At the moment, it looks like the last points will go like this:

-increase PG -> 20 (30)
-Add dp champ w/dragonhorn (45)
-Add Bladelord w/Talisman of Loec (22)


Archmage - silver wand, ring of fury, 2xdscroll - 350
Mage - seerstaff, power stone - 185
Noble, bsb, radiant gem, dragon armour, barded steed, halberd - 181

10 Archers - 110
10 Archers - 110
3 RBT - 300

1 Eagle - 50

20 PG, full command, Banner of Sorcery - 380
7 Swordmasters, Bladelord w/talisman of loec - 127
5 Dragon Princes, champ w/Dragonhorn - 195

This leaves 12 points, either I can get the Gem of Courage for PG or I can go shield on noble + musician on both archers or I dunno :P